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    Project complete

    Ordered ammo, hate the wait time.
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    Project complete

    im interested, send me a PM. Thanks
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    Precision em!!

    Just finished a build on Impact action. It’s a .308
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    Project complete

    Its finally complete, Manners EH1A came in today. Impact Action Proof Carbon 20 in .308 TT Special PVA jet blast Steiner T5XI Magpul bipod (i hate this bipod).
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    WTS: Peltors for sale! ###TEP and LEP 200's available on page 9####

    Got my set, fast shipping. Left a feedback. Thanks
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    Most ridiculous price you've seen on 9mm

    I ran in to Atlantic tactical here in jersey, they had 50rd boxes at $16. I bought all 7k rounds they had left. Got lucky. Of course some of my friends took few thousand from me at cost. but since then, Atlantic tactical raised their prices to $29 per box.
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    Sold Triggertech Diamond NIB

    That was real quick.
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    *SOLD* 2 x Magpul Bipods, black, picatinny rail and MLOK mount - $85 each or $160 for both

    I’ll take the one with picatinny rail, where do I send a payment
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    WTB Hawkins Precision scope rings 34mm

    Thanks, but they are $144 on Altus website.
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    WTB Hawkins Precision scope rings 34mm

    As the title states, looking for: Hawkins precision 34mm 1 inch scope rings.
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    Scope rings, Impact action and Steiner 3-15x50

    Good evening, Purchased Impact barreled action with carbon proof 20 inch .308. Also got Steiner t5xi 3-15x50 moa Wondering what height rings would I need for 70% bench and 30% hunting set up. Budget $150-200. Any advice is appreciated.
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    SOLD Steiner T5Xi 3-15x50 MOA

    I posted I’ll take it, where do I send a payment ?