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    WTB Desert Tech HTI (50 BMG)

    Sorry I was out of town at a rifle class. Yes I do still have the HTI. I will be unavailable until tomorrow evening but could discuss it then if you have interest. Thanks Paul.
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    Accessories .375 Cheytac Desert Tech HTI barrel

    Thanks for the reply. It would be a really long wait for someone out of your state like me, or I would try to buy this can.
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    Accessories .375 Cheytac Desert Tech HTI barrel

    Is your Windtalker can on a form 3 or 4?
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    WTB McMillan / Harris Gun Works parts / scope base

    I have complete 308 and 300 win rifles if interested.
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    Night Vision SOLD - PVS-27 almost new

    Ok someone is talking WP here, is this WP?
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    Firearms Badger M2013 338 Norma Mag

    To slow Chaco, it’s mine.
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    Firearms Badger M2013 338 Norma Mag

    I will probably take this pending a conversation. PM sent
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    WTB WTB Badger 2013 magnum action

    Looking for a Badger 2013 magnum action with 338 LM bolt face.
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    Optics Side Shot Go Pro 10 Scope Camera System

    What scope tube size is this setup for?
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    SOLD McMillan A5 adjustable Remington 700 SA Stock

    I will take this if available
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    SOLD Rare LMT Patent Pending Upper

    Ok I will take it, if it is such a good deal! I almost did an hour ago and thought it would be gone by now. I will pm you tomorrow to make arrangments.
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    SOLD LMT MARS-H 6.5 DMR complete rifle $3600 shipped

    Returned PM, I will take this per our deal.