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    SOLD Stag LR-10 FDE upper / SLR Helix 12.5 308H hand guard

    Got a couple of things I have no immediate need for and can possibly be put to better use than sitting in the gun room corner. First is a Stag LR-308 upper, never used. FDE. Forward assist and dust cover installed. $80 shipped Next is an SLR Helix 308H hand guard 12.5 inches. Comes with all...
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    SOLD Areo M4E1

    Picked this up a while back here. Still never fired. I was going to put it through the paces but we have a friend who is stranded and the funds are all going to her to help her and her son get home safely. My loss your gain as this is kind of and emergency sale. Aero M4E1 receiver set FDE...
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    SOLD AR SMOS Match Grade Complete upper

    I decided on a different direction, very light weight and fast. SMOS NFA (no forward assist) upper SMOS 13.625" SMR556 M-LOK hand guard Faxon Match Series 14.5" Gunner profile barrel, .223 Wylde, 1/8 twist 5R rifling, 416R VG6 Epsilon 556 p&w Sharps Rifle Company XPB Bolt Carrier Group...
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    SOLD RRS 34mm 1.5 0/0 mount $175.00

    Up for the RRS. Great mount at a great price. Perfect fit on an AX with 50mm obj Trades equal value 9mm 147s or 223 77s
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    SOLD Burris XTRII 5-25x50 G2B $425.00

    Yep 0.1 mRad clicks and MOA just like it says in the add If you are referring to the question above it was posted prior to me listing the 5-25 with MOA
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    SOLD RRS 34mm 1.5 0/0 mount $175.00

    I have recently switched back to all rings in my bolt rifles so these two mounts are up for grabs. Perfect condition SPUHR 4001 with that little bubble level flip out thingy that attaches to the side and cost a small fortune. Two range trips, had a Bender in it on an AE. Think I still have the...
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    SOLD Burris XTRII 5-25x50 G2B $425.00

    4-20 sold 5-25 left. Even in the GB2, you’ll be hard pressed to beat it at this point.
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    SOLD Burris XTRII 5-25x50 G2B $425.00

    Added another XTRII price drop, edited thread, Trades added
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    SOLD HK MR5.56 complete upper 16.5. 1500.00

    Sunday one and only price drop $1500.00 For Hiders only