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    Stone Glacier Gear

    What is XO?
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    Stone Glacier Gear

    I've got to assume you mean EXO Mountain Gear? Another fail at an attempt to get involved in the conversation. I also own an EXO K3, they're made about an hour from me and a good friend works at the facility. Nice try on the XO MDT.
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    Stone Glacier Gear

    No problem man, mistakes happen but fucking F-bombs will continue.
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    Maggie’s Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Congratulations, that looks like shit.
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    Stone Glacier Gear

    You sir, are talking out of your fucking neck. Kifaru doesn't make a carbon fiber frame. SG and Kifaru are top quality American made packs, KUIU uses a carbon fiber frame that is known to flex, break under heavy loads and is made in Asian sweat shops.
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    Surpressed Armament Systems T.O.M.B or Talon

    Directly from SAS.
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    Moderator position opening up?

    What can would you recommend?
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    Is my Mausingfield ever going to "break in"?

    It's the same result in and out of the stock, the stock work and bedding on this one is top notch.
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    Gavin sucks anouther dick.

    Cue Ronnie Barrett.
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    Is my Mausingfield ever going to "break in"?

    I hear you. I've had other actions cerakoted and they sucked. This one was done by one of the best in the business and it sucks. I think I'm done with cerakote at this point because it seems like it doesn't matter who applies it, it sucks. My factory Tikka actions are way smoother than my big...
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    Is my Mausingfield ever going to "break in"?

    This makes sense, but it often binds and comes to a complete stop well before hitting the bolt stop. Not every time, but pretty often.
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    Is my Mausingfield ever going to "break in"?

    I've tried a few different lubes and they all just attract dust and makes it worse.