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    Man's Best Friend Thread

    Nika and Gunny
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    They are great. I actually have 2. That she why I am selling one. I love using it. It's cutting metal like a knife through butter.
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    I wish there was a section for sale of welders. I have a Miller welder and Hypertherm plasma cutter to sell.
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    The Welding and Metalworking Thread

    Every once in a while you can find good deals on craig's list. But be careful. I bought a Miller Maxstar 150 for $400. Have been using it for 1.5years now flawlessly to TIG Weld. I also have the Lincoln 210MP and has been great too for what it is. I got the Lincoln when it first came out before...
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    I got played big time.

    I had a similar instance also. Kept having cats come up missing, which I hate also but they are great at keeping mice away when you are surrounded by farm land. Neighbor down the road had animals come up missing also. I shot 3 of them. 175gr. BTHP does a number on them. Here is one at 390yds...
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    Are you my fucking pussy neighbor, or someone else's?

    I must have been lucky so far. Growing up may parents had a neighbor move in. The neighbor was an older gentlemen. We were like 13 or so. Me and some friends had a bon fire and was out joking around. We were doing stuff that may or may not have been causing really big booms and having a big...
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    Ghost peppers

    I have a buddy who called me one day and says I have something for you to try. I said what. He said have you heard of the reaper challenge and asked if I wanted to. I said why the fuck would I want to do that. To make a long story short. I said yes. He said the longest he has seen is like 7min...
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    Near death experiences

    My wife has been making me go. She says I need some god in my life.
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    Near death experiences

    I think I am going the other way. Complete darkness
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    Near death experiences

    Well, it's not a near. I had have neck surgery done bc of an accident. Long story short. Dr was out giving an update to my wife when something happened (they wouldn't say what) when I bit through my breathing tube. I died and they brought me back. Then they had to dig out the breathing tube...
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    Shitty laws

    I am so pissed about laws. There are some stupid fucking laws. I was at my kids school concert. There was a convicted child molester there. I even took pictures of him there. I forwarded them to a buddy (and Marine brother) who is an officer. He spoke to the prosecutor of the county we live in...
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    Background check?

    How hard is the background check for a suppressor? I am thinking of getting a suppressor. The reason I am asking is b/c in my younger days I was arrested several times for misdemeanors and sentenced to jail (minor consumptions and public intox). The reason I went to jail is b/c I was arrested 3...
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    Does anyone know if AI will be offering any 6.5 choices, or if Mile high will be offering bartlein barrels in these calibers? I am hoping mile high might chime in. Oh yea, thanks Mile High. My wife seen the new AIAX on your Facebook page and said she loved it. She wants one. At least my wife...
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    Help me with caliber

    I am working on a build for my wife. I had her look at different rifles, actions, stocks, ect. Let me say she has pretty good taste. So far we are looking at a KMW Sentinel and badger action. What I need help with is caliber. She is use to shooting a 223, but thought about getting her into a...
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    Pistol build?

    I seen where you can buy a 80% lower receivers. Is it possible to build a AR style pistol with one and not break any federal laws (as long as I use a pistol buffer and not a butt stock)? Are the receiver pins for the pistol and AR rifles even the same spacing to build off one of the 80% lowers...