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    Night Vision IR lasers FP vs commercial

    I've seen a boatload of full power peq15s in the $1,500 range recently. I think at that price they're a no brainer. As much as I like my cheap dbal 9007s (ir illum and laser) for use on subguns, I would take my full power units all day long for serious use. Illuminator will punch out to 1,000 +...
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    SOLD SOLD Manners PRS TCS w. Goodies

    Bump for a good guy
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    Night Vision Can someone school me on the pvs30

    I've been running a high spec pvs 14 behind a Leupold mk4 spotter and am impressed with the capability. You definitely give up something to the pvs 30 clipped in front of the spotter, but the package with the 14 is much more compact, plus you have the ability to use it helmet mounted as well...
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    Night Vision FS: PVS-30 Refurb Unit Dirt Cheap

    Thirds. Damn, that was a good deal!
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    SOLD Sig mcx stock

    Hi - I never received a response to my PM, and I see you've now marked the stock as sold. Wondering what happened?
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    SOLD Sig mcx stock

    I'll take it - pm inbound
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    Firearms **Want To Buy** Allen Engineering AEM-5 or Ops Inc #12 Mk12 5.56 Suppressor

    They're going for $1,500 + on gunbroker right now, so if you have to have one I guess that's not a terrible price. There should be a few more batches dropping sometime this year before Ron retires, so keep an eye out.
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    What’s a good powder for subsonic 300 black out?

    I'm running IMR 4198 under a 220 gr bullet. Has worked well for me in the 10 - 11 gr range, and meters fine out of my Dillon progressive (well enough for semi auto ammo anyway).
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    308s with 20” or less Barrels

    I'm getting 2650 out of 175 gr SMKs over Varget. Running out of a 20 inch barrel - no issue getting hits at 1,000 yards in various conditions. The load is definitely on the hotter end of the spectrum.
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    Reloading Equipment Lapua - 6 Dasher Hydroformed (Some loaded) & 6.5 CM SRP New

    I'll take 100 of the hydroformed unfired brass with cci450s in them. PM inbound.
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    Night Vision Leupold Mk4 + Badger SNAP + L3 PVS14

    Potentially could cause permanent blems if you're not careful. A clipon in front of a spotter amplifies light and runs it into the magnifier, with the 14 setup the magnification is taking place in front of the image tube, meaning if you look at something bright (laser or overly focused...
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    Accessories Mdt 6bra mags Brownell

    Thanks! Finally was able to snag one.
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    Optics SOLD Athlon Cronus Tactical Spotter 7-42x60

    Free bump for you, since I apparently have more cool pictures of your gear than you do. I've looked through this spotter on multiple occasions - nhpiper is a great guy to deal with!
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    Member Link Up New England/New Hampshire

    Looking to put in for a membership this month. @NHPiper and I regularly shoot 1,000 yards and have spotting setups. Shoot me a message next time you're heading up if you'd some company/ spotting assistance. Will
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    Rifle Scopes Nightforce 1-8

    If you place significant value on light weight, a small footprint, and bright illumination, the nx8 is hard to beat. I run one on an SR15 and it feels physically more like an Aimpoint to me than a full size scope. Eye box is a little tight, but not overly bothersome if you set eye relief...