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    Federal XM855LC1 AC1 (5.56x45mm NATO) for Sale

    I'll take the case of 420. PM sent. Thanks!
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    fnforme is GTG

    Another +1 for @fnforme Good comms and easy transaction. Deal with confidence!
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    Sold to you. Will ship out tomorrow. Thanks!
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    Mainly just looking for cash unless it's something that catches my interest.
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    Benelli M4 for sale. Model# 11707. Practically new with less than 50 shells through it. Has Benelli factory LE +2 extension and Scalerworks RMR mount (picatinny rail included also). $1560 shipped to your FFL (must accept from an individual) or add $40 for FFL to FFL. PayPal F/F or you cover...
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    All SPF.
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    Sorry, can't ship due to hazmat jargin.
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    H1000- Have 3 full 1 pounders plus a partial that's about half full. Same lot#. CCI 250- 1900 count. Properly stored. Local pickup Littleton, CO $150 Thanks!
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    Frankford Arsenal Hand Primer + Deprimer

    Looking to sell these as a set for now. Both in excellent condition with everything included from factory. $90 shipped. Thanks!
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    RCBS Chargemaster 1500

    Local sale only for now as I don't have the factory box and don't want to chance any damage. Thx.
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    Think I just searched for "magic arm" on Amazon, or maybe Ebay. If you're able to search the Annaleez mod thread on here, they have a couple exact models listed. This arm works really well to get the proper angle and spacing as opposed to the turnbuckle system. Hope that helps.