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    WTB WTB MP5 HK German mag

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    K-Bars Ultralight self defense blade for female runner

    This and the trainer blade and help her train with it. The link has a short video on deploying and using it as a defensive tool.
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    Reloading Equipment Wyoming Trading Thread

    I may have some, i'll let you know tomorrow night.
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    Tactical Training 2021 - Wyoming - Craig Douglas, Long Range and many more courses!

    I'll vouch that these guys are good to go, they're local to me and prices are great too. I've taken several courses with them.
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    WTB WTB MP5 HK German mag

    Will do, thanks
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    WTB WTB MP5 HK German mag

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    WTB WTB MP5 HK German mag

    Would like to buy an extra german HK MP5 mag or two at a decent price. New or used 30rd.
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    Describe Your Work

    I touch men and look at their butt holes. They leave that out of the job description don't they @1J04
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns Whats's accurate. Please show your groups

    Here's a pic of my best qual target, stock Glock 17. Shot that in 2014 and I havent beat it yet. Range 5yd, 7yd, 10yd, 15yd under time from holster 25 rounds total.
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    Help needed on Proof barrel

    Doesn't really matter because that section is required to be cut off anyway.
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    Suppressors AR15 Suppressor

    I have a Surefire socom 7.62 and its pretty long and heavy on an AR, you'll def want the 5.56 version for your AR's or even the Mini 5.56. The Surefire is a precision can, extremely repeatable and accurate so I wouldn't sweat that. Then I would buy a TBAC for your bolt guns.
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    Help needed on Proof barrel

    That whole stem gets cut off by the gunsmith. It was just part of the manufacturing process. So the threading is pretty irrelevant.
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    Suppressors If you could only own one suppressor ?

    Unless your running a PCC for 9mm I would forget the pistol can, more novelty than anything. I would recommend the Surefire SOCOM 7.62 or Deadair Sandman S for a versatile rifle can if you plan on using on gas guns too. If just bolt guns than a Thunderbeast Ultra 7 or Dominus
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    Books on modern day societal downfalls
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    Precision Rifle Gear Really Right Stuff 2021 SOAR

    @MPHReallyRightStuff what is the difference between the Ascend 14 and 14L?