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    Member Link Up northwestern wisconsin 1000 yards

    Dang, I’ll be out of town both of those dates.
  2. WyGuy

    Member Link Up northwestern wisconsin 1000 yards

    I am definitely interested.
  3. WyGuy

    Member Link Up MN Metro Area

    There’s Caribou gun club in Le Sueur that goes out to 500y. It’s about an hour from the cities. I haven’t checked it out yet as I just recently moved back but it sounds promising.
  4. WyGuy

    Member Link Up Colorado: Places to Shoot, People to Shoot With

    So, I'm heading to Denver this weekend for a few months due to work. Really tempted it bring a rifle or two along after seeing some of pictures of the areas you guys shoot at! Just hesitant since I won't have a secure place to keep them.
  5. WyGuy

    Rifle Scopes Warranty Work: Vortex Viper PST 2.5-10x32

    Had the same thing happen to my 6-24x50, in fact sent it in just last week. Didn't get a prepaid envelope though
  6. WyGuy

    Bushnell 1 Mile Elite Tactical Rangefinder- Any data/ reviews? Not the Elite 1600 ARC

    Well, I just placed an order for one on amazon. Said there were 7 left in stock but we'll see...
  7. WyGuy

    Member Link Up Nebraska members

    Hey everyone, Not a Nebraskan myself, but live pretty close...Sioux City, IA. Anyone know of any ranges that go out 500yards+ within an hour or two of sewer city? I only know of one range in SD but that's a 2.5hr drive, only place around here that I know of only goes out to 200 or 300 yards...
  8. WyGuy

    Member Link Up South Dakota Members

    Luckily I'm only in Iowa temporarily, shouldn't be here too much longer...
  9. WyGuy

    Member Link Up South Dakota Members

    Sounds awesome! It's within 2 hours of me and I haven't found anywhere local to shoot so I might have to make a drive out there. Is it members only or open to the public?
  10. WyGuy

    Maggie’s What are you drinking right now!?

    Sierra Nevada Pale Ale
  11. WyGuy

    Member Link Up Iowa shooters check in

    I'm going to be moving to the Sioux City area within the next week. Any ranges around that area?
  12. WyGuy

    Maggie’s Diesel Pickup Truck Options

    Re: Diesel Pickup Truck Options I currently have a 2012 Ram, haven't had any problems. Haven't towed too heavy yet, about 11,000lbs, and have been very happy with the performance. FYI, recently the EPA has been cracking down on tuners that allowed deleting emissions equipment, so keep...
  13. WyGuy

    Maggie’s What are you drinking right now!?

    Re: What are you drinking right now!? Boulevard Pale Ale
  14. WyGuy

    MRMBC, Missouri...Its on

    Re: MRMBC, Missouri...Its on Very interested in the intermediate division. Only thing holding me back is my lack of a rifle to compete with, still waiting on my GAP10, which hopefully won't be much longer!
  15. WyGuy

    Maggie’s Test your (geographical) accuracy

    Re: Test your (geographical) accuracy 98% - 1mile - 235secs