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    ar308 bolt hard to come out of battery/ weird wear marks

    I had issues like that with a 308 build. The cause was the index pin on barrel extension was off center just enough to cause alignment issues with bolt. No idea if that's your problem but it's something to check.
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    On a budget: Sako trg or AI AE

    I own a AI AE and TRG in 308. No difference in accuracy. TRG has a 10 round mag and expensive accessories. AE is a little heavier, has 5 round mags, and pre fit barrels from any reputable Smith. Honestly, if I had to give up one it would be hard to decide.
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    AR Upper for Radian Lower

    San Tan uppers look good on the Radian lowers.
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    Zero Compromise Optic 2022 and beyond Poll

    A ZCO 5-27 with MSR2 retice would be my ideal optic.
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    Source for Mauser magnum action?

    Saterlee Arms makes Mauser actions.
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    AI AW RRS/ Arca Rail - Sawtooth Rifles

    Ordered one a few months ago. Fits perfect with room for a harris bipod.
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    Fudd RO of all Fudd’s??

    Wouldn't happen to be Island Lake Shooting Range would it?
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    Nashville Explosion, intentional

    Me thinks the gun shots heard could of been part of the ame recording that played the warning message.
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    Vise Recommendations For an AR15 Build

    Check Craigslist. Can usually find an older better made vise for a lot cheaper than a new chinese made one.
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    VIDEO: BLM drag Michigan driver out of his car and beats him to death. Media silent.

    Being from Michigan surprised I haven't heard about this until seeing it on the Hide. Anyone know what city this was ?
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    Suppressors Form 1 efile wait times?

    Recently got my first form 1 efile approved after 3 weeks. Took a few tries to get through their website. I received an email saying I needed a correction. After fixing my spelling error and responding that the correction has been submitted I had approval 20 minutes later. Yes the website can...
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    Criterion CORE 223 Wylde barrels ...

    Just installed a 16" Core barrel in my AR yesterday. When I get shoot it I plan on testing a few different bullets between 55 and 77 gr. Will post results and let you guy know what I think.
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    Sidearms & Scatterguns First Microtech

    Nice. Ever since getting one to give as a Christmas present last year I've been wanting one.
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    Armageddon Gear M2010 Soft Rifle Case For Half Price

    Got one on it's way. Interested to see what it comes with. Will post pics when I have it.
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    PACT scale can't make up its mind

    I had the same problem with my Lyman DPS. If my cell phone was close it would hunt and over charge. Also it was in the basement directly under the TV and Dish network box. Moved bench and left phone out of room when using it and problem went away.