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    Don’t be a poor coffee!

    What type of roast on this Geisha, lite, medium, dark?
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    Ask Biden to Concede the 2020 Presidential Election - Sign the petition

    That’s because he did NOT win.
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    I’m thankful for Trump and ACB.

    I'm right there with you.
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    Thanksgiving Prediction

    That came from the first cut off the rib, right behind the shoulder blade. That cap (top piece) should be peeled off prior to cooking as it won't turn out tender on the grill / smoker. That steer was probably 1200 - 1500 lbs live.
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    Do this, please.

    Letters went out this morning 👍
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    Cabela's ruling a warning shot against gun rights

    Kojack / Telly Savalas = best thing that happened to those of us that may be follicle challenged.
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    Omaha Outdoors Online Vendor

    I've purchased form them with no issues.
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    The voting roundup thread.

    Voted. DJT for the win and NO on that Popular Vote B.S.
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    Popular vote vs Electoral collage

    Colorado policy is pretty much dictated by Denver, Boulder and lately Fort Collins. Boulder shit-bags seem to be be creeping north and east bringing their F'd up politics with them.
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    Supreme Court nominee

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    My Octopus Teacher

    Really interesting show. I learned a lot watching it.
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    CHPWS RMR plates are JUNK and their customer service is just as bad

    Isn’t the internet great? Instead of a one on one interaction to get the issue resolved you get to air everything out publicly. Did not! Did too! Did not! ....... Well sort of. Then you sign off and go back to your own little world. What if we all treated each other the way we would want to be...
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    Sports for $100, Alex. Answer: 2 or 3. Read on..

    Fuck ALL of them! Hopefully this is the beginning of the end for these entitled self important fuck faces.
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    Reaching the boiling point

    I know of no place to find truly accurate Covid numbers. Believe what you want. Stay in your house and wear your mask and you will be fine. Lots of your governors said so, they must be right. No politician would lie about something like this.😁