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    What bout the enclosed forend you have in pic?
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    SPF Seekins MCSR 15" AR15 Keymod rail

    I’ll take it pm coming
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    Nightforce C451 1-4x24 FC-3G w/ LaRue LT104

    Bump for a great stand up seller!
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    6.5 Creedmoor Barrel Length

    I just recently went with the criterion 22” and shooting the 123gr Eld’s with just tad less than 100 rounds down it I’m getting average velocity of 2800 and expect to see that speed up once Barrel wears in. Knowing velocities aren’t a huge concern of mine I’m probably going to cut to 18” since I...
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    I was interested in the barrel and bcg.
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    any interest in parting out?
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    SPF. JP Mega Maten *drop

    So very tempting would match perfectly with my other mega maten 6.5 creed maybe it still be here when my tax return comes in! Glws
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    Gun and gear storage on your truck

    Buffalowinter I believe you have the answer too all the op’s requests haha
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    6.5 Shorty build

    Absolutely perfect setup I’ve been on fence to go with a 18in or shorter but with those velocities I think I’ll keep a tad longer for my prs rifle. Just reason enough to just build another to have best of both!
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    WTS: KRG Bravo Chassis with extras 700 SA

    If there is any interest in parting with the enclosed forend let me know!
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    I’ll take it!