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    Accessories Bluesea is a scammer

    Look at the sharp line across the picture right at the top edge of the paper. Color and texture difference between the surface it is on.
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    Rumor?? 6.5 Creedmoor Starline Small Rifle Primer Brass DISCONTINUED?

    If they run batches, that may just mean they are not tooled up to run that brass right now. Just a guess.
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    Need a Skinny Bi*ch hand guard

    Not sure if it meets the "Not a pinch-clamp" criteria because of the wedge lock or availability of it but the Zev Tech handguard is pretty nice.
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    Thoughts?: Miculek Magnetic Buffer System

    I prefer the less commercial Jerry.
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    Rifle Sabots

    Might be worth looking at.
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    Best subsonic ammo that will cycle in M&P 15 supressed?

    CCI Quiet Semi-Auto Runs in my 10/22 and TacSol 16" upper but has trouble resetting certain trigger groups.
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    Cats are not your friend

    Little shitters...