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    Cadex Lite Competition Chassis

    Was thinking about ordering a lite competion. Any reason you wanted to transition to the KRG whiskey? Its between those two for me
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    Optics Vortex Razor HD Gen III 1-10X MRAD / Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27X56 FFP Tremor 3

    Two Razor HDs for sale. 1. 1-10x Gen iii MRAD reticle. excellent condition but one cap got scuffed up a bit (replaceable through vortex). $2100 Shipped 2. Razor HD Gen II 4.5-27X56 FFP Tremor 3 - MINT condition in the box. Mounted and zeroed then pulled off - $2100 Shipped
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    Ammo Federal Gold Medal 300 Norma Mag 215 GR Berger Hybrid - GM300NMBH1

    Bought these for $107 from optics planet then decided to sell my MRAD. 22.5 boxes avail - $90 per box
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    Rifle Scopes Athlon Cronus GEN2 UHD vs Trijicon Tenmile vs Delta Stryker

    Looking at picking up one of these for a Tikka im scoring. All seem relatively close. Athlon would be the cheapest at roughly $1200 (and probably expenseable through cameraland). Delta is $1500 and Trijicon is $1650. Any other options I'm missing?
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    SOLD Tikka T3X 6.5CM Bravo

    Message Sent - will take it
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    The "New" Barrett MRAD Thread!!!!!!

    I really hope not. Would actually make me angry
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    Sig Cross vs Tikka CTR in Chassis

    Well given the current market prices I'm debating parting from my MRAD. I LOVE it but when they are going for the current prices... between the rifle, caliber conv, and 300 NM ammo that's never shot, I have over 10k sitting in a rifle that's shot a few times per year max. Question is: Tikka...
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    Firearms Q Fix 6.5 Creedmoor 22" Rifle

    sold long time ago. sorry
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    Vortex 30mm Mount vs $$$

    Just came across Daniel Defense mounts. They are 5.5oz and looks low snag/sturdy. Can be picked up for roughly $140
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    Vortex 30mm Mount vs $$$

    Been bouncing back and forth on scope mounts for my AR recently. Ive been debating on waiting for the new Reptilia MOS which is 1.54", also looked at the NF ultralight but don’t love the low 1.5" rise. Badger C1 is impossible to get in 1.7" Then noticed vortex has a basic cantileaver which is...
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    Optics Steiner T5XI 3-15x SCR Mil/Mil + SPUHR SP-4602 34mm 20moa

    Mount comes with the wedge only
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    Optics Steiner T5XI 3-15x SCR Mil/Mil + SPUHR SP-4602 34mm 20moa

    Mint condition t5xi with SCR Mil reticle. Comes with the sunshade. Optic: $1350 Shipped Add SPUHR SP-4602 for $300 (or $320 shipped alone)
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    Rifle Scopes FYI - Athlon Ares ETR 1-10x28!

    Already have one on order with you guys :)