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    WTB DT SRS A2 Barrel - 6.5

    Looking for a SRS A2 barrel in 6.5. Any length
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    Rifle Scopes Best SR25 (16" 308) Optic?

    This is gonna sound budget but the PA platinum ACSS is dead nuts on out to 800 on the BDC. Looking for more of a DMR roll
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    Rifle Scopes Best SR25 (16" 308) Optic?

    Im really torn here. Have a ATACR 4-16x right now but the field of view is small and its larger/more cluttered than it needs to be. Any other ideas? Rapid rounds on target to 800 yards or so. Razor HD 1-10x comes to mind, and have an eye out on the Athlon 1-10x but its more Christmas tree style...
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    SOLD Area 419 Sidewinder 6.5mm Brake + 5/8x24 + TBAC Suppressor Adapter

    $200 shipped for the entire set. The suppressor adapter is brand new
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    SOLD TIKKA T3X KRG Bravo - 2 Barrels Patriot Valley and Preferred

    haven't tried it but was told the same. PVA is known to be stellar barrels
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    SOLD TIKKA T3X KRG Bravo - 2 Barrels Patriot Valley and Preferred

    Just purchased this off a reputable hide member and didn't have a chance to shoot it. A new project fell into my lap so need to part. Just asking what I paid. 20" PVA 6.5CM prefit that has less than 300 rounds on it T3X action factory trigger KRG Bravo with 3 LOP spacers (AICS mag version) Area...
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    Odd 308 13.5" Velocity Results

    Just got back from the range and my LMT MWS with a 13.7" SS barrel was showing 2496fps on the magentospeed. This checked out in drop when running out to distance. Does that seem right? Was expecting closer to 2350-2400 on a good day. Ammo: ppu 168gr match
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    LMT .308 MWS

    Its pretty It's fairly tight. There's space but it takes some wiggling to get it out if there are mlok sections installed in front of it