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    SOLD USO 1.8-10X37mm MR-10 with Kinetic mount.

    I’ll take this. PM inbound
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    SOLD US Optics 3.2-17 w/ EREK Gen IIXR and Rings

    I’ll take this. PM inbound
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    SOLD For sale: RMJ Raider Dagger

    I'll take this. PM incoming
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    SOLD WTB 260rem AMMO

    That's the best deal going^. I just picked some up myself.
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    Firearms WTS Robert Gradous Surgeon 6.5X47, KMW Sentinel.

    Wow! Best deal I’ve seen on a one-hole gun in a while, and in Robert’s favorite caliber. Gorgeous rifle.
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    SOLD Les Baer Thunder Ranch .45

    I have one of these and can confirm they are amazing pistols. Shot this a couple years in IDPA and loved it. GLWS!
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    Accessories WTT: 115gr DTACs and 230gr OTMs

    I’m not reloading for 6mm or .30cal magnums anymore so I’d be happy for these to go to someone who might load them. I’ve got 2500 DTACs, and 400 OTMs. I’d consider a cash offer but would much prefer a trade. I’m in northern VA so anything in DMV area could be FTF. Potential trades: - Ammo in...
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    WTB 215 berger bullets or 300 prc ammo n570

    I've got 4 boxes of Berger 230 OTMs that would do quite well in that caliber. PM me if interested.
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    Rimfire Found: turnkey 22LR trainer, bolt action, mid- to high end

    Advice taken. That one is headed my way!
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    Rimfire Found: turnkey 22LR trainer, bolt action, mid- to high end

    I'm wanting to spend more time shooting and that's easier to do with a 22LR trainer. I'm looking for a good trainer: Anschutz, Vudoo, Sako Quad, custom CZ, etc. General specs: - stock with adjustable cheekpiece - DBM - 20 - 30 MOA rail - threaded barrel -bipod rail Bonus points if you have a...
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    Firearms Robert Gradous 300WM Raffle

    Have you seen the stock on this rifle? It’s immaculate! Not to mention you’re helping Kim Gradous out. Go buy more raffle tickets!
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    Firearms Robert Gradous 300WM Raffle

    Bump and tickets bought.
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    Gunsmithing Robert Gradous

    I’m driving from Maryland and will be there Monday. Thank you for sharing.
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    Gunsmithing Robert Gradous

    One of the greatest gifts Sniper's Hide ever gave me was introducing me to Robert. I scheduled my own rifle build class with Robert after I read Lowlight's review of his class. I remember that thread so well, that I believe Frank built a 6.5CM on a Bighorn action and a AICS 1.5 chassis. Robert...
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    Gunsmithing Robert Gradous

    Robert was a friend to me after the death of my sister and two tours in Afghanistan. He'll forever be in my heart. If there's a funeral, I'm driving from the DC area and anyone is welcome to ride with me. Please send a DM.