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    Does anyone know this cool guy?

    Some guy shooting out in the desert having fun with his toys. Mehhh..... Passive aggressive?
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    Hi, I will take 400 for 160 shipped. Sending PM. ZY
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    200 Lapua 6 BR 2x--Sold

    - All Same Lot-- 4PH6046 - SS Tumbled - AMP Annealed, then walnut tumbled - Note: Base just above extractor groove is .4765--very consistent -- When I resize these for my 6 BRA, my Whidden 6 BRA #3D die is a bit tighter than I prefer on the base -- It works, just more force than I prefer...
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    WTB amp #10 pilot

    Just bought one.....if all else fails.
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    How high will the price of 5.56 go?

    Amazing....just bought 5K 210M for $137 at a local big box. If they had more would have bought it. PS. And rem 6 1/2 small pistol for $1.99 per 100. Wish they had more than 600....
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    6BRA Small base die

    Bumping about 2.5-3 thou; I anneal each firing and its a field/match gun. It was a light thou at first...and was getting some resistance on close sometimes. All bueno now! ZY
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    6BRA Small base die

    Had a similar issue with the D3. The dies are built to really minimally size. I believe they are more geared towards Benchrest. Bottoming out on the shell plate I was real close to only a thou bump on the shoulder and not much at all on the base. I took a few thou off my shell holder (bench...
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    Refinancing Mortgage

    BTW...if you refinance with Quicken/Rocket you can refinance anytime after 90 days (even if they sell your note) for no fees. You might have to get a new pest inspection and possibly a new appraisal if its been a while. They don't really advertise that.... Even if Trump wins, I don't see me...
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    Refinancing Mortgage

    Quicken/Rocket was quick and painless. Less than 30 days to close a pretty reasonable numbers all around. Closing agent came to the house and paperwork done in 40 minutes.
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    Sig P365 owners?

    Just a range update on my 365. New gun with only about 50 rounds on it. Spent less than two hours putting almost 500 rounds through it. Ran it hard, fast and got it pretty hot. Shot great, ran fine, and gave my buddies fits (G17 and ported/red dot MP full size 9) shooting a dueling tree...
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    6.5 Creed Brass-Prime, Hornady, Federal

    If once fired, Ill take it. ZY
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    His first time behind the rifle

    Great work for a young man. Did a nice job staying in position on the third shot. Very respectable group. Good trgger discipline coaching—build that into his muscle memory now.
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    Robert Gradous

    So sad to hear...simply put, a gentleman and a scholar. RIP... ZY
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    Threading for Savage Rascal

    Not the TBAC on it but you get the idea...
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    Threading for Savage Rascal

    Zak has the clean answer. But I had my sons Rascal threaded 1/2 - 28 then added the adaptor just like you said. Works great for my TBAC takedown! ZY