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  1. fiveshotdot

    MPA BA Chassis L/A with accessories

    I've decided to switch from a chassis back to a Manners. This Long action chassis is Burnt bronze, it has the machined in Arca rail, picatinny spigot and MPA Ultra bag rider. I have the CIP length magwell spacer for it as well. It hasn't seen any hard use. I've shot maybe 300 rounds of 300 win...
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    Barreled Actions for sale!

    Full details listed in the link below
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    River's Bend Gun Co Barreled Action Group Buy

    I've been talking to Jeff Hayes at Rivers Bend Gun Company and he's agreed to do a barreled action group buy for Snipershide members. He's offering to do 12 barreled actions. So here's what was discussed; * Blueprinted Remington 700 .473 bolt face action * Bartlein barrel with .250 recoil lug...
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    ISO, angled bag rider and front QD sling plate for a KRG chassis. Please PM with what you have.
  5. fiveshotdot

    **HUGE COVID PRICE DROP**Blueprinted Remington Mod 7- 223 rem- Bartlein barrel

    I'm trying to make way for another project so unfortunately this one has to go. All work was done by Rivers Bend Gun Company and is finished beautifully. It has only been test fired. This would make the perfect gun for the truck, side-by-side, ranch rifle or for dispatching varmint. The build...
  6. fiveshotdot

    SOLD-Badger 2013- Manners MCS- C.G. Jackson- 6.5 Creedmoor Bartlein

    Built for speed and accuracy, this rifle uses all the top shelf components available on the market today. It features an 18 inch Bartlein barrel chambered up in 6.5 Creedmoor with a 5/8-24 muzzle thread, seamless thread protector, and ceracoated black, Melonited Badger 2013 action and C.G...
  7. fiveshotdot

    Brass- 300wm, 243, 30-06, 270

    If the prices don't seem fair please let me know. I found some places selling once fired brass and took off $0.05 their prices. **TEXT IS BEST** 8167862895 REASONABLE offers will be considered, low ballers will be ignored. I accept cash, USPS Money order, or PayPal F&F or add 4% for G&S...
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    After digging around I found an attional powder die. If you buy the powder measure you can have the extra powder die
  9. fiveshotdot

    SPF 10.5in SLR Solo Lite Handguard

    10.5 inch SLR Rifleworks Solo Lite handguard. Comes with all factory hardware. Very high quality handguard. I swapped to a slightly shorter one so I could run my suppressor. Sold REASONABLE offers will be considered, low ballers will be ignored. I accept cash, USPS Money order, or PayPal F&F...
  10. fiveshotdot

    SPF Shockwave Blade Kit

    Wolf Grey KAK shockwave blade kit. The blade, dimpled buffer tube, nut, and retainer plate are new, the buffer and spring were installed in a gun. SPF 8167862895 ***TEXT IS BEST*** REASONABLE offers will be considered, low ballers will be ignored. I accept cash, USPS Money order, or PayPal...
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    I'm selling my 9in 300 BO pistol barrel. This being a remage, it headspaces to a Remington action, recoil lug and lock down the barrel nut your done. I shot about 100 subsonic rounds through it without issue. *The lighting makes the barrel look bronze, but it is matte black. Spf **TEXT IS...
  12. fiveshotdot

    Mpeason is GTG

    @mpeason is g2g. I purchased a KRG enclosed forend and seller communicated all they way through. Deal with confidence.
  13. fiveshotdot

    **SOLD** MDT Folding Stock Adapter

    I sold my MDT chassis so this has to go as well. I purchased this last year and promptly swapped to a KRG W3 so this saw limited use. This is the fixed- fixed, 1-way folding operation. It has a solid lockup and is in near new condition. It comes with the bolt to attach to the chassis as well...
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    I have a new non-adjustable McMillan a5 standard- $old shipped. The first pic is of the build sheet. The second is the whole stock. It has a 1 inch decelerator pad installed. Also available is a new Badger BAR rail and new Tac- Pro cheek piece model # CR-BLANK for $50...
  15. fiveshotdot

    Any body see the "MDT/ J Allen" announcement?

    This could be good for all the "J Allen-ers" out there. MDT is doing great things.
  16. fiveshotdot

    Custom Gun Coatings CAMO Group buy

    I've been in contact with Branden of Custom Gun Coatings and he is willing to support a group buy depending of the amount of interest. I started this thread to guage interest and see what percent discount, camo pattern, and number of colors could be supported by the members of SnipersHide...
  17. fiveshotdot

    **SOLD** Athlon Cronus BTR

    I'm standardizing my optics so I'm selling one of my Cronus BTRs. This optic is amazing, it has ED glass, the APRS illuminated, mil reticle, the turrets have 10mil per rev, zero stop and the parallax focus' down to yards. This is a really feature rich optic that is priced well below it's...
  18. fiveshotdot

    **Sold**Athlon Ares 7.5-22.5×50 ED Spotting Scope

    I've decided to sell my Athlon Ares 7.5-22x50 spotting scope. p/n 312003. I've decided to try and get something with a bit more magnification. The glass is excellent on this optic and was used a handful of times (mainly in the backyard). It will come with all the factory accessories -SOLD...
  19. fiveshotdot

    SOLD RCBS Universal Hand Primer.

    RCBS Universal Hand Primer. P/n 90201. It has all included factory accessories including small and large primer seaters and guides. Sold 8167862895 ***TEXT IS BEST*** REASONABLE offers will be considered, low ballers will be ignored. I accept cash, USPS Money order, or PayPal F&F or add 3.5%...
  20. fiveshotdot

    SOLD Leupold VXIII 6.5-20X40 AO

    Leupold VXIII 6.5-20X40 AO. This was on a used gun I purchased. It has 1/4 moa target turrets and I believe it's the 1/3moa target dot with fine cross hair reticle, and includes a 3inch sunshade. The optic is gloss black and does have some cosmetic blemishes but holds zero and tracks fine. It's...