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  1. Diver160651

    MK Machining Magnetospeed Mount with 24" mounting rod.

    MK Machining Magnetospeed Mount with 24" mounting rod, never actually used. List price with rod is about $155 Asking $100 + shipping
  2. Diver160651

    JC Steel Tactical Table F/S

    Roughly 10.5" x 7” Made from 1/4” Aluminum diamond plate. Smooth Aluminum plate also available. Welded 80mm Arca 1.5” dovetail bracket Rough Tumbled Finish $25 + medium, flat rate shipping priority mail ($15.50)
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    Game Changers and various other bags for sale

    Various support bags for sale. All used with may name but in otherwise great condition. All ship in a medium Flat Rate Priority Male Box for an Additional $15.50ea SPF Mtbcrazy13tj THE GAME CHANGER™ Coyote Brown List Price is 109.95 asking $60 SPF AlwineArcher WAXED CANVAS OPTIMIZED GAME...
  4. Diver160651

    SOLD Gray Ops Dual optic or gun plate F/S

    bottom 2 images from Gray ops website. New these are $260 asking $200 - great working shape. Has a 1/20 drilled and tapped for an extra accessory like the one shown for the Kestral PURPOSES Gun Mounted for widened shooting platform on bags/barricades Tripod Mountable as Tac table Host to...
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    SOLD 36MM ARC M10 Medium Rings for ZCO scope

    36MM ARC M10 Medium Rings for ZCO scope for sale. In great condition. New 179.99 + shipping tax asking 125 shipped.
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    Tripod Field use Tips-

    Due to the SIP, we canceled some of the free clinics we were hosting for shooters to learn and practice for a field match. It got me thinking, a rare thing many might say, but I decided to do a series of posts covering everything from debriefing a stage from last year's sold out match to tips...
  7. Diver160651

    A positive message COVID-19 from the University of Wyoming

    Well, we’ve all seen some crazy images of students partying on beaches back East, not all students are carry-on so recklessly. Some of the students have jobs in restaurants or otherwise just trying to pay their tuition, some are taking this very seriously, and some are afraid for the future...
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    A bit of fishing humor & C-19

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    What a fuck, Sean Penn wants full Military Control in the US.

    I think the title says it all.. Sean Penn on CNN wants full Military Control and intervention in the US. What fuck does Hollywood and the elite not get about the Constitution? Fuck the little guy, fuck anyone who is not in my circle seems to be his view.
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    WTF did you do?

    I struggled a bit about posting this, but I think no matter how you feel about my actions there is a lesson here somewhere. A guy some of us have shoot matches with was just arrested for murder the last weekend. Anyway, I've shot with this guy lots of times, and he was always nice, a bit...
  11. Diver160651

    My arm-board strategy for a field match, what do you use?

    Shooting field matches, I have noticed most people just write down their dope top to bottom or near to far. While I see notebooks, arm-boards, rifle-dope cards, and tripod clipboards, very few shooters create a hasty terrain map. If the FOF is narrow, maybe just a few targets on the stage or...
  12. Diver160651

    SOLD ZCO rings Spuhr SP-6002: 36mm Picatinny 0MIL/0MOA 1.5"

    SOLD Spuhr SP-6002: 36mm Picatinny 0MIL/0MOA 1.5" -new $410 plus shipping and tax asking $275 shipped
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    Trump awards Rush Limbaugh the Medal of Honor!

    Ok, I wake up this morning and get several people telling me that Trump awarded the Medal of Honor to Rush Limbaugh. Of course I come unhinged because that just seems impossible and disrespectful all servicemen and women. I don’t know why but this news has me angry as hell. I go onto the...
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    SOLD F/S AICS AX SA with extras

    I have a new style AICS AX folder, with a matching RRS ARCA forgrip and a 1lbs ARCA leveling spacer. Bedded for better support for Remington 700/Deviant The chassis list for $1650 + RRS matching $125 + QR worth and spacer $75; bedding $200 = $2050 invested asking $1100
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    Feild Match Tips, Tricks and Stage Examples for - UKD Team Challenge Match 11/22/2020

    Because our match was sold out 10 months in advance (waiting list available), we feel we should offer a spin up series of topics on how to prepare best for our UKD Feild Match, what to expect, tips, and tricks, and stage samples. Many of the techniques we will discuss will also have an...
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    ONLY 2 SPOTS LEFT!!! PRS- California Sharpshooter Showdown now at Avenal Central California

    Hosted by Avenal - Central California If you are on the fence, register only 2 SPOTS LEFT Registration for the 2020 Pro Series California Sharpshooter Showdown open now! Registration opens on: January 06, 2020 @ 8:00 AM ·...
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    Elk Sled ?

    Ok just an idea for some of you hunters that hunt the winter side of the seasons - usually I use my game hauler (load shelf) by KUIU and make multiple tips. In the snow, tying a paracord to a quarter and dragging it in the game bag “hide” side down works, but it flips over rips the bag etc. I...
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    Merry Christmas Hide!

    Thanks to all merry Christmas and happy new year
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    A true artist amongst us!! @HogsLife

    Our very own Hide member HogsLife ex sniper and amazingly talented artist made me my second wallet for my son. The workmanship really is top-shelf. Both wallets belong on the wall. I asked for a similar design as the first, but a different configuration. I think @HogsLife is out and returning...