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  1. 1moaoff

    Howa 1500 to r700 threads.

    Chad, isnt that exactly what they did on the show based in Louisiana I think??? The ones who kept building retarded machine guns with welds that looked like 50 yr old caulk dried out?? 🤣
  2. 1moaoff

    Help with watch and backpack.

    It is funny to see people look at watches... I rarely wear anything above tag or tissot. Have a couple higher end than thatbut no need to show them. Fyi you can drop 10 stacks on high end rifles before you get to the HIGH END rifles. It's all the same
  3. 1moaoff

    Magazine round count

    Run full mags on stages. If you have an issue you have extra. I wouldnt run less than full unless stage mandated count in the mag.
  4. 1moaoff

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Stop looking at my butt
  5. 1moaoff

    Motivational Pic Thread v2.0 - - New Rules - See Post #1

    Never, you did say coed! That answer a few questions.🤣
  6. 1moaoff

    WiFi Cameras and WiFi Extenders

    Theres a post about long range diy cameras somewhere... using drone cameras that are cheap... I was impressed
  7. 1moaoff

    Anyone know where to take classes in Florida?

    Baker FL Google is your friend... altus shooting
  8. 1moaoff

    Sunshade vs No Sunshade

    I machine mine shorter
  9. 1moaoff

    I'm not sure I understand my DOPE...

    just pick one thing for now
  10. 1moaoff

    I'm not sure I understand my DOPE...

    So let's make this possible..... Attach bipod with feet forward. Leave bipod attached for this process. Do NOT make any changes or adjustments to ANYTHING. Shoot rifle multiple times at 100 practicing good fundamentals and being consistent in what you do each time.... take your time.... DO NOT...
  11. 1moaoff

    50 bmg. The endless choices.

    I have 2 and they never get shot. Insane deals because people buy them and realize it's not what they thought.. there great for beaver dams and or snake nests from 100 yds. Seriously not worth it though unless you want to waste money
  12. 1moaoff

    Premium Factory Ammo Comparison

    If they shoot well and the ballistics suit your need then buy them
  13. 1moaoff

    I'm not sure I understand my DOPE...

    If your new shoot and confirm at 100 before trying 300. This verifies your scope is zeroed... elevation and wind age at zero. It also verifies you.... until those 2 things align consistently nothing else matters. 300 and 600 will verify / true your MV after 100 yd is solid and consistent...
  14. 1moaoff

    Dope vs ballistic calc

    Your dope is your dope... true calculator to match if your 100% on your dope.
  15. 1moaoff

    Prime Ammo Group Buy #2

    Remeber guys you can bump back the bullets for more jump if your rifle doesnt shoot it well it's an option... Fyi not PRIME endorsed statement
  16. 1moaoff

    DLOC PVS-14 Mount

    I'll take the Pelican.
  17. 1moaoff

    *sold* Votex Razor gen2 4.5-27x56 EBR-2c Mil/Mil with extras -$1500 shipped and insured

    Stop the bitchng and fighting before you cause the section more problems.