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  1. littlepod

    Bolt lift 308 vs 6gt

    Swapped my action to a 6gt barrel today and noticed a heavier bolt lift when comparing it to how it functioned with my 308 barrel. Was wondering if that was to be expected. I'm guessing yes since the 6gt has more pressure? Only thing I ever shot was 308 and 22lr so this is new to me. Thanks.
  2. littlepod

    FOUND: MPA mag lip adjustment tool.

    Anyone have one they're looking to get rid of? Trying to get my aw mags to feed the even numbered rounds.
  3. littlepod

    SOLD: Area 419 - 30 cal Nitrided Hellfire - $135 Shipped

    Lightly used 30 cal Nitrided Hellfire. No dings on it, soaked the universal base in Boretech Carbon Remover, so that's nice and clean and all threads are clean.
  4. littlepod

    Barrel life and loaded hot rounds

    Last year I purchased some of this ammo - ADI Brass, 168gr SMK's. It's loaded hot apparently, like 2795 fps compared to the standard 2650 from FGMM. I got it during their big buy 1 get 1 free clearance, so I have a lot of it...
  5. littlepod

    Question on possibly getting scammed

    I know there's not much governance to be done here as we're all basically a free for all internet site, and most people want Paypal F&F to avoid fees. I've used the PX now for months without having any issues, but maybe I encountered my first one. I bought something on Sunday, sent payment...
  6. littlepod

    SOLD: 2 NIB MDT AICS .308 10-round without binder plate - $65 each.

    I have 2 NIB MDT AICS .308 10-round magazines without binder plates. $130 shipped. / $65 each shipped.
  7. littlepod

    WTB: MDT ACC Mirage Shield - Grey

    Looking for an ACC Mirage Shield in the Grey. I've seen a few sell for $95-100, willing to pay $100. Thanks!
  8. littlepod

    Do they make a 12-round AW magazine?

    I just got a new custom action that supports AW mags, and noticed that the mag catch is different, so I can't run both AW and AICS mags interchangeably on my chassis. For 12-round PRS stages, I was hoping I could run some sort of AW+Extender or 12 round AW magazine, but I can't seem to find...
  9. littlepod

    WTT: 10 round MDT AICS magazine for 12 round magazine

    I'm looking to trade one of my 10 round MDT AICS magazines for a 12 rounder. I have ones with binder plate and ones without. This is for standard AICS .308 magazine.
  10. littlepod

    FOUND: MDT AICS 10 round, for AW mag

    I have new and used AICS magazines with and without Binder plates. Looking to trade one for an AI AW magazine, since my new action supports AW cut and was interested to see how it would cycle. Found one, thank you @Tweedycarcass23jonb
  11. littlepod

    SOLD: LNIB Accu-tac BR-4 G2 ARCA w/ lighter leg springs - $215

    I have a newer model Accu-tac BR-4 G2 ARCA where the knob is switchable, so you can choose to run it LH knob or RH knob. Just unscrew the knob and you can swap sides. I have also updated the springs on the legs to make switching the leg positions as easy as 1 finger tension. Also included are...
  12. littlepod

    Vector/Zeus Swept knob?

    I am guessing this isn't possible, but anyone find any solution to this? I'd like the same amount of sweptness as a Vudoo just to have consistent reach to bolt.
  13. littlepod

    WTB: Atlas Rubber Feet

    Anyone have a pair they want to sell that they're not using? Just bought a Ckye pod and wanted to have some rubber feet for indoor practice. Offering $12. Thanks!
  14. littlepod

    WTB: Vector/Zeus Hand Tight .308 barrel?

    Anyone happen to have one they're looking to sell? I have a few orders placed for some new barrels but they're probably 8-16 weeks out due to covid-19 and supply shortages.
  15. littlepod

    Chambering a barrel for a specific factory ammo?

    If I plan on only shooting Prime 175gr for my 308, when I order a custom barrel from say SPR or StraightJacket, is there something specific they can do to make it shoot that ammo better? Since I'm not handloading, I was wondering basically to customize the chambering to the factory ammo.
  16. littlepod

    SOLD: LNIB FDE MDT ACC for Tikka T3 SA - $850

    SOLD I purchased a MDT ACC for a Tikka T3/X SA or T1X and I have about 40 rounds down it at the range. Outside of that one range trip it hasn't been shot and I've now switched over to a Terminus Zeus so looking for a MDT ACC in R700 SA. Also willing to trade for a KRG Whiskey 3 Gen 6 for...
  17. littlepod

    Actions that accept Prefits

    I wanted to build out a rifle for PRS, but I also don't want to tinker that much as I don't have time, equipment, or any real gunsmithing skills. I was looking at going with an action that will accept a prefit and with Proof discounts, I'd go with an action that accepts Proof prefits. It looks...
  18. littlepod

    CZ 457 LRP

    This looks nice, finally a usable MTR barrel setup. Screw in an Arca rail + Barricade stop and this could be a definitely nice rig. Built for shooters who want to exploit the extraordinary accuracy potential of the CZ 457 to...
  19. littlepod

    MDT Ckye Pod PRS Short vs Standard

    I'm coming from running a Thunderbeast / Atlas and I've generally always run it with 2-3 extensions out so I was considering that the Standard might be okay and not too tall for my needs. I know that I could always swap the legs to wide profile or 45 degree to get less height. I was just...
  20. littlepod

    *DELETE* - Accutac BR-4 G2 Arca + Cash for MDT Ckye Pod

    I decided to keep my Accutac. I got some lighter springs for the legs which allow me to change leg position with 1 finger and it's very quick to change leg position and I like the way the feet pull out. Very sturdy. Right now I'm liking it more than my TBAC. Looking to get a MDT Ckye Pod...