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  1. Rthur

    Ear pro

    My sordins finally died after 10 plus years. For an over ear I felt they were the best with gel cups. I've seen a few other newer kinds/models being used as well as inner ear options. Let's hear what you use and price range on newer models and styles. Looking for options in the 250-500 dollar...
  2. Rthur

    Kenny has a date R
  3. Rthur

    Who remembers this?

    Similar shit we've seen before and since. Some may not be old enough to have lived this version. Once they extracted maximum coin from this farce I haven't heard shit about it until today. R
  4. Rthur

    20 Elk hunting

    Who is chasing this fall. We lucked out on the draw and get to go back to our old hunting area. Stick and string. Let the workout prep begin. R
  5. Rthur

    WTF, loss for words R
  6. Rthur

    SAS airlines

    Have seen Spuhr make more than a few comments on this one: R
  7. Rthur

    Solid interview

    A glimpse of what they'd have everywhere. R
  8. Rthur

    Quandary in Birmingham R
  9. Rthur

    WTS- Vortex 50% off Cert

    Picked this up recently. Vortex 50% of MSRP Cert. Selling for 300.00 R
  10. Rthur

    WTB AIAW mags

    Anyone have any AIAW(308) mags they ordered by accident or no longer use. Let me know what you've got and how much shipped. R
  11. Rthur

    WTB- MPA BA Lite Rem 700 RH S/A Clone inlet

    Like the title says MPA BA Lite Rem 700 RH S/A clone inlet Flat Dark Earth color perfered. (other colors considered) Let me know what you have and want shipped. Pics PM'ed to me will be a great help. R
  12. Rthur

    Never saw this coming... R
  13. Rthur

    Comic Karma R
  14. Rthur

    WTB Beast 2 Piece 3 port

    Looking for a Muzzle Brakes and More Beast 2 piece 3 port. Let me know what you are wanting for it shipped. Pics are very helpful. R
  15. Rthur

    WTB Triggertech Diamond

    Looking for one of these with regular curved shoe. Let me know what you have and what you are wanting for it shipped. Pics are very helpful. R
  16. Rthur

    WTB 6mm barrel

    Looking for a new 6mm barrel blank, needs to be 7.5 twist and in the heavy contours. Let me know what you have and what you are wanting shipped. Pics of the breech end are recommended. Bartlein and Hawk Hill prefered. Post or PM. R
  17. Rthur

    MPA Bag Bullet and MDT Bag Bullet on line

    I've shot with a MPA chassis for several years and have liked it as well as any chassis I have shot. That said, something I've noticed is that I always felt that my rear bag was either to tall or to short for a consistent squeeze/elevation hold. I went to work trying to come up with a solution...
  18. Rthur

    Shop lighting

    I have 3 eight foot florescent fixtures currently as main lighting in a 16' x 16' x 9.5' enclosure. I'm looking to move to the LED versions to deliver more light less heat and less power draw. Have seen a few examples on media feeds and wondered if anyone has went this route and what the used. R
  19. Rthur

    WTB- MPA Comp Rem SA RH ****Found One****

    In search of a MPA Comp Rem 700 inlet right hand. Tungsten would be first choice for color. Let me know what you have and how much. Pics will help. R
  20. Rthur

    Our/Your Government at work Strange, we seem to be lending money to those who can not or will not repay it for degress. Yet they import boat loads as if we are short of talent... R