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  1. jwood1284

    What's in your back pack?

    I've been steadily downsizing my PRS pack. Currently: MR 3DAP pack RRS TFCT24L/anvil 30 Pint Sized GC heavy Precision Underground ELR rear bag Tab ammo SAC 10x42 binos Kestrel Tab Simple Pouch (gun lube, allen wrenches, scope tool, chapstick,...tums & tylenol) 3pc cleaning rod Nalgene bottle...
  2. jwood1284

    Looking for 300 WinMag

    If you're not wanting to build a custom. I'd find a used Remington 5R on Gunbroker and start there.
  3. jwood1284

    Bighorn Origin BDL Issues

    Does the gun currently have a WSM mag box and follower installed?
  4. jwood1284

    SOLD: PIG-Lite CF4 Tripod

    Replied to. Ballhead sold, tripod still available.
  5. jwood1284

    Warne maxima rings

    The Warne rings are quality, and precision machined. They do not require lapping. Follow Warne's mounting torque specs and you will not damage the scope tube.
  6. jwood1284

    QD Scope Mount-Vertical or Horizontal Split Rings?

    I believe most stay away from vertical split rings that clamp the pic rail, and optic together in one mechanism. Meaning you cannot remove the scope from the rail without losing the ring alignment on the optic. The mounts you mention above are integral "unimounts". The rail clamp is separate...
  7. jwood1284

    SOLD: PIG-Lite CF4 Tripod

    bump. new price.
  8. jwood1284

    SOLD: PIG-Lite CF4 Tripod

    Bump. Reduced.
  9. jwood1284

    SOLD: PIG-Lite CF4 Tripod

    Hog Saddle PIGlite CF4 Carbon tripod. Includes spike feet. A few scratches and free skull stickers. Ball head shown is not included. Legs only. SOLD
  10. jwood1284

    Shooting bag on tripod instead of ball or leveling head

    I always use either a ball head or hog saddle. Sometimes you need to get off the gun. With the gun secured to the tripod I don’t have to worry about dumping it.
  11. jwood1284

    Stolle Atlas & Axiom MPA question.

    The Axiom has a 60deg bolt throw, and the Kelblys is 90. The kelblys has a mechanical ejector, and a trigger hanger. Both good actions. I’ve owned a Kelblys in the past and wouldn’t hesitate to own another.
  12. jwood1284

    Winchester Model 70 .25-06 For Sale *Price Drop*

    This rifle is a really nice M70 Sporter, although not from the custom shop. The oval “W” proof on the barrel is normal. A custom shop gun will have a second oval with “CS” in it. The recoil pad has also been added, and the iron sights removed. The original would have been a hard plastic...
  13. jwood1284

    Which Atlas feet.

    I keep the Hawk Hill Talons on, but always have the rubber feet in my pack as well. PRS use I find I use the talons 100%, wood, concrete, & turf. The last time I used the rubber feet was at the GTI team match where most of the surfaces we shot off of were also metal... grating, diamond plate...
  14. jwood1284

    SOLD Kydex AICS Mag Holster

    still available.
  15. jwood1284

    Ring/bolt interference on a CZ457?

    The rear ring is usually mounted on the rear bridge, in front of the bolt. You’re going to have to move the scope forward. It shouldn’t be a problem if that scope has 3.5-4” of eye relief.