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    Steyr ssg m1

    Should we bid on it?
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    Steyr ssg m1

    If my ssg04 can do 1/2 moa with 308 federal gold match or 3/4 moa with ppu 168 match benched on a day without wind, I would think the m10 can do equal or better any time any day.
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    SAKO TRG-22

    For those who love trg but complaining the accessory prices. Beretta is running a sale over this weekend up to $100 off. Just go to Happy long weekend to everyone.
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    Tikka T1X

    When will the folding version be available? Can we choose color too?
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    Tikka CTR vs CZ 557 vs Steyr SSG 69

    I have a tikka t3 sporter 223, sako trg22 and Steyr ssg04 308. I will tell you, Steyr rifle is as accurate as trg22 with same ammo. In fact, both Steyr and trg 22 will give me 1/2 moa from bench any day when wind is not an issue. Sako owns tikka if I remember right. And tikka uses sako barrel...
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    Bushnell CS Slipping?

    Maybe include the post from bushnell rep here? Again, if your et6-24x50 is broken already, you have nothing to loose.
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    Bushnell CS Slipping?

    I had 2 warranty experiences w bushy. The second time is the same issue and I had to call and ask nicely. Eventually, after 30 min of going back to manager, they finally agree to replace it with a refurbished same model scope. If they offer that option and send me the refurbished one from...
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    Tikka T1X

    I have 0 moa rail. However, most of my scopes are mounted on 20 moa unimount. Imho, 25-100 yd, her scope will be fine with a 0 moa rail. But a 20 moa rail will not hurt either. Just in case you want to shoot one to 200 yd one day and your scope run out of elevation.
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    Tikka T1X

    I drop my wife’s T1x into a Boyd’s t3 Stock with mod to the mag well. Now Boyd’s has one for t1x.
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    Custom Build or AI AXMC ??

    I just want to bring up a small point. Ai axmc Barrel can be removed and make barrel cleaning so much easier. Custom rifle usually do not have removable barrel option.
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    Why the run on .22 ammo?

    Be wery wery quite, I am hunting wabbit. It’s wabbit season.
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    Why the run on .22 ammo?

    Yes. I know target sports has 22lr available at reasonable price. My post is just an comparison and what local price (Bass pro and Cabelas) is up to if they have in stock.
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    Why the run on .22 ammo?

    Well, I would like to propose a question. I used to get a brick of 500 cci sv for our tikka t1x for plinking fun for about $25 shipped. I saw it the other day the same brick for $35 and all out of stock. Would you buy it in fear of price may go up to $40 for a 500 rd brick? The only one in stock...
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    Steyr SSG 69 30mm Rings

    Try this one. You can use a lot more rings or mounts.
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    first time mounting a scope and I've got problems

    I love my ssg04. Make sure you know your ssg08 rail is 0moa or 20moa. Yes, Spuhr Mount is a great choice. I agree with other, cantilever Mount will not work for a bolt gun. It will not hold the 0 or it will break obj lenses in 2 shots. Enjoy your steyr, it is 1/2 moa gun with a good factory ammo.
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    Rimfire myth busting and cold hard data

    Just my suggestion on price and performance score. Price of 5 rounds (or 10 rounds depend on how many round you use for grouping)*moa at same testing distance. Smaller is better. Or inverse it for larger the better.
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    Winter/ski jacket recommendations

    I like Spyder jacket/pants for skiing. Works perfectly with a turtle neck under it. If it is below 5F, I would add a long sleeve thermal under shirt and underwear.
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    Boyd’s AT-One

    I only wish I have waited another month. The thumb hole version came out after I ordered mine.
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    Boyd’s AT-One

    I built a tikka t1x for my wife. Non-thumb hole version. I also bought the match grip. The stock adjustments are tight initially, I had to use a ultra fine sand paper to the posts. One minor complain, the hunting and match grip has a little separation. That can’t be fixed without major wood...