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  1. B-P-UU

    Straight Contour for Match Rifle

    Anyone running a straight (1.25x1.25) contour on their comp rifles? Good, bad, other? I think I'll give one a try but curious if others have an opinion. Currently use HV contour.
  2. B-P-UU

    SPF: APA Gen 3 Little Bastard

    Brand spank'n new. See pics for details. $175 shipped. No trades please.
  3. B-P-UU

    SPF: Accurate 300 WSM mag

    New, unmodded WSM mag. $60 shipped.
  4. B-P-UU

    SOLD: Leica 1600-B

    Used 1600-B in good working order with all packaging. $SOLD No trades please.
  5. B-P-UU

    109 Hyb CDM Issue

    I've had very good luck with the 105 Hyb CDM with Kestrel 5700 AB by slightly adjusting velocity to line up my firing solution. The 109 Hyb CDM seems to deviate at farther distances (beyond 700 yds). Tweaking the velocity makes too drastic of a change at the shorter ranges. Just curious if...
  6. B-P-UU

    SOLD: BT72-NC Super CAL Atlas Bipod

    Sold As new, shot a few rounds. Comes with Hawk hill talons and standard rubber feet. $385 shipped.
  7. B-P-UU

    WTB: AW mag or Spring/Follower

    Looking for an AW mag or just the spring and follower if a guy has one laying around from adding HRD gear spacer kit. Used or new is fine. If it's been tweaked or modded, I'd like to see a few pictures of the feed lips. No BR kit, just the standard follower, short action. Thanks.
  8. B-P-UU

    SOLD: Grey Ops Mini Plate

    $135 shipped Very good condition, a couple of corner dings from practicing. This one:
  9. B-P-UU

    GA Precision Jager

    Just saw a video of this guy on FB: Interested to see how it compares with an Ultra 5.
  10. B-P-UU

    SOLD: APA 34mm Rings (1.031")

    Like new condition. $150 shipped.
  11. B-P-UU

    NX8 and ATACR Initial Thoughts

    I spent about 30 minutes behind the rifles yesterday morning comparing my 4-16x42 ATACR and the new 4-32 NX8. No shooting, just looking in dreary, rainy, overcast weather. These are some initial observations. - Turrets are good on the NX8, but the ATACR's are clearly better. NX8's are softer...
  12. B-P-UU

    WTB: APA 30mm low rings (.750")

    Let me know if you have a set in new or good condition. Thanks.
  13. B-P-UU

    WTB: Accurate .223 5-round mag

    This one: Thanks.
  14. B-P-UU

    WTB: APA RTG Short Action BM

    Looking for one on new/ excellent used condition. Thanks.
  15. B-P-UU

    .223 Neck Bushing size

    Building a .223 AI, will be running Lapua brass. What bushing sizes are recommended to achieve 1-2 thou neck tension? Thanks..
  16. B-P-UU


    Used, no visible damage. $65 shipped.
  17. B-P-UU

    SOLD: LNIB Minox ZP5 MR4 (White Box)

    I have an unmounted ZP5 for sale. This is the latest gen, and the turrets are exceptional on this one. Night and day better than my buddies earlier gen. There is a very small mark where the battery compartment was opened.. hardly worth mentioning but want to be transparent. Other than that...
  18. B-P-UU

    RRS Uni-block Scope Mount

    Anyone using this mount? Worth the squeeze? Thoughts/ opinions appreciated.
  19. B-P-UU

    Bix'n Andy Trigger Sale

    Just a heads up, Bullet Central is running a promotion right now, $30 off any BnA trigger purchased through them. Use the following code at checkout: brady01
  20. B-P-UU

    WTB: APA 34 mm rings

    Need 1.031" height. Thanks.