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  1. sandwarrior

    Hey pmc! M39-2

    Phil, Is this M39-2 S&W worth jumping on and how much? You know I don't want to be left behind the Jones and McCleans if these come up from time to time.
  2. sandwarrior


    So, after a discussion on here, the topic of an FSR-89 came up in it. Most of us did not know what it was. After a little research we thought, KOOL!!, but, we’ll never see one. Ha ha, one came up on Gunbroker, and I bought it. As @sirhrmechanic would say, you didn’t pay too much, you just...
  3. sandwarrior

    Cast Steel Pocket rifle

    So last night I'm having my beer at social hour and a guy I talk to there, asks me about a pistol some friends of his found in a house they had purchased and were cleaning out to renovate. Id10t me looked it over and even ran out to the car to get my magnifying glass, but FORGOT to take a...
  4. sandwarrior

    Anybody looked at R. Lee Ermy's gun collection for sale?

    I was on GB the other day looking for Parker Hale parts and noticed this: Apparently, his whole collection is going up for sale. A nice Ithica SxS too.
  5. sandwarrior

    .22 TCM

    I was recently talking to a friend about the .22 TCM rifle. He told me his son bought one and it could only group about 3”. He returned it and they sent another. It did the same. Anybody else have one of these? Any insight into this issue with them. Whether it’s across the board or just...
  6. sandwarrior

    You hear that?

    Jimmy, I hear it. You hear it yet? The roads are full of squirrels who couldn't make a decision? ??
  7. sandwarrior

    Powder going bad

    For those of you who have ever wondered what powder looks like or does when it goes bad here is a pic. Note the red tinge inside the funnel. This powder has not gotten “way bad” but is starting to go. Stored over 50 years in a cellophane wrapper can (the one you see), it’s had just enough...
  8. sandwarrior

    I should have posted earlier. P-14

    I was watching this on GB to see if anything got added for info. I had no intention of bidding, but found out at the last minute this particular variant has a unique history. Not a sniper though, as the British only used Winchester’s. This was an early Remington equipped with volley sights...
  9. sandwarrior

    Anybody read the Marine Times article on new Marine sniper MOS

    So I get this article on my phone about how they need to revamp the course and they are having too many washouts. I’m not smart enough to copy the article on my new phone. Maybe one of you can help out. Anyhow, what gives? The big boys not putting money where it belongs? Wrong people with...
  10. sandwarrior

    for our favorite wood gazer...

    For pmc, I just came across this and thought if you weren't in the mood to reload, these might come in handy:
  11. sandwarrior

    Question on what caliber for...?

    Yeah, I stole this image, I wonder how many guys are gonna click on this while saying "stufid Puck!" Finve shoot groups only! Ha Ha...thought you might need a laugh
  12. sandwarrior

    Where does the loss of trust begin?

    I had read about this issue a few times already. Not sure if there were other issues long after this event, but the issue itself needs to be looked through the lens of at higher leadership. What leadership did to these men was not acceptable...
  13. sandwarrior

    The devil just pull a fast one on us?

    I just love the double standard so many politicians like to live by:
  14. sandwarrior

    Is this story for real?

    As something I do to take a break from SH and other gun auction sites, I read the little news clips that come along. Anyhow, I come across one that said an Aerospace Engineer and a drug dealer combine to sell hundreds of illegal arms. The thing that makes me wonder, is how many the "get guy"...
  15. sandwarrior

    M16A4 Can someone 'splainame what the issue really is?

    So, I'm on my phone and every day I get new news briefs. Of the five complaints, I can see one as valid. They are too long to get in and out of vehicles all the time, and work in CQB. But the rest? What am I missing...
  16. sandwarrior

    Old, but still useful

    Recently, I was given a can of Dupont 4198. Still in the cellophane wrapper. This was what the M16 was supposed to use for powder in the M193 cartridges. It burns a lot cleaner than any ball powders.
  17. sandwarrior

    Mk 13 Mod 7

    This may be older than dirt, but I just got an update that the Marines chose this as their new sniper rifle. Thoughts(?)
  18. sandwarrior

    Peterson Brass

    Has anyone tried any of this yet? I can get it in .260 Rem, and 7mm-08 Rem. If anyone has tried it, how does it compare to lapua, or Winchester. I know, tough to beat the former.
  19. sandwarrior

    American Rifleman gets it wrong again... For a guy that wrote a bunch of books you'd think he'd want to be a little more accurate about history. Anyone notice one particular weapon MISSING? And, in it's place is a weapon that group did not have?
  20. sandwarrior

    The Fighting Season.

    Interesting watch of reporters embedded with various units in Afghanistan during the 2014 elections. I gotta say, the way the war is run or overwatched by the public sector is atrocious. Asking permission three different times to get a legal kill on a tali? Training the Afghani's to use arty...