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  1. CaptNemo

    Who's the POC at Euro Optic ?

    Who's the "Go To Guy" at Euro Optic ? Any Sniper's Hide Deals ? I am looking to buy a Vortex Scope and want to be as happy with my purchase as I have been with Doug and Neil @ NY Cameraland.
  2. CaptNemo

    2020 Precision Rifle Expo

    I was waiting to see what the end of the quarantine was going to look like as far as PRE for 2020, so I bought tickets today for Catie Anne and I. Anyone else making plans for Georgia in September ? - the 26th and 27th to be precise.
  3. CaptNemo

    New Barrel for Tikka T3 - .223 AI ?

    My little Tikka T3 Lite has the OEM .223 barrel with a 1-10" twist that I threaded the barrel 1/2-28 and put into a KRG Bravo stock. Obviously, this limits the barrel in stabilizing heavy projectiles, how fast the barrel heats up and stiffness of the barrel when using a suppressor (POI Shift)...
  4. CaptNemo

    Meat Grinder Recommendation ?

    It's time that I upgrade my game processing equipment and buy a meat grinder for the deer and antelope that I've been hunting lately. I have a couple of bags of trimmings, etc. that need to be ground for hamburger or sausage and while I could take them somewhere I'd rather do it at home. Budget...
  5. CaptNemo

    This Old Rifle.

    I have an opportunity next season to hunt Red Deer ( European cousin to North American Elk ) that get to be in the 500 lbs. range. This last season I shot a small one that weighed 220 lbs with a 140 ballistic tip in a 6.5 Creedmoor at 220 yards. The bullet was effective but the animal didn't go...
  6. CaptNemo

    Threading the Muzzle on 30/06 Sporter Barrel

    I have an old 30/06 Remington 700 sporter weight barrel that I would like to thread for a suppressor. I want say that the muzzle OD is around .600" but I'll have to double check. Is 9/16-24 the best option ?
  7. CaptNemo

    Leica Ballistic Tool website issues ?

    I was trying to generate a “ drop.hex “ file for my new 2700B LRF, and the online tool is being uncooperative . Is it just me or are other people having issues ? Win 10 with Chrome browser so it shouldn’t be an “old computer” issue.
  8. CaptNemo

    Transition from 6.5 CM to 6 CM ?

    I just purchased a couple of Take off 6mm Creedmoor barrel that are threaded for a Tikka action. I have a bunch of brass and dies for the 6.5 ( and I'm not completely abandoning 6.5 ) The sizing die is a Redding Full length die with a neck bushing: Can I swap the bushing for a smaller ID and...
  9. CaptNemo

    RCBS Chargemaster Lite On Sale - UPDATED 9/9

    Just a heads up---> Brownells has the RCBS Chargemaster Lite on sale for $ 244.99 If that 's not good enough, Use the Code " PKB " for an additional 10 % off + Free Shipping. That's $ 220.50 Delivered to the door. Go Buy more Bullets, Powder, Primers, etc with the money you saved and go get...
  10. CaptNemo

    Peterson Brass Prep ?

    I just bought 250 cases of Peterson 6.5 CM brass w/ SRP pockets from Brownell's as it was on sale and I used a 10 % discount code w/ Free Shipping. It worked out to right at $ 70.00 per 100 delivered to the door. I figured on using this in my Tikka CTR and that it should last me a while. The...
  11. CaptNemo

    Mag Loader for AICS Mags - UPDATED

    I have a few MDT mags and the location of the feed lips vs. the shoulder on a 6.5 CM cartridge conspire to make loading mags to capacity difficult. The shoulder is behind the front edge of the feed lips so you can't use the next cartridge to press the loaded cartridge down to slip it into the...
  12. CaptNemo

    Tikka CTR Magazines + Parts

    I'll put photos up tonight I bought a KRG Bravo chassis that takes AICS Magazines, so I have the following items for sale: 3 CTR 10 Round Magazines Like New $ 85.00 Each or $ 225.00 for all 3 Price includes USPS shipping in the US I purchased the rifle for Christmas 2018 and the 2 additional...
  13. CaptNemo


    SOLD & SHIPPED I sold the Glock 22 Pistol and I have one Lone Wolf .40 S&W Threaded Barrel - New in Box - Never installed or fired 5/8"-24 thread - $ 80.00 Shipped SOLD & SHIPPED - Sorry No Thread Protector Thank you for the For Sale Space
  14. CaptNemo

    KRG Bravo vs. X-Ray Chassis for Tikka T3 ?

    I have a Tikka T3 CTR that needs a chassis. Rifle currently has a KRG Midas trigger but is in the factory stock. It’s ok, but it doesn’t fit me that well, so it’s time to make a change. I’d wait until the Precision Rifle Expo and try the various chassis out, but I don’t want to wait all...
  15. CaptNemo

    30mm Scope Mount for AR15 Carbine

    I have an M-4gery that I had an Eotech on and decided to upgrade to a low power variable scope. I bought a Burris MTAC 1-4X24 but the glass is not very good and it looks like it has a booger next to the reticle. It came with a PEPER Mount, so it was ready to install and bore sight. One of the...
  16. CaptNemo

    Precision Rifle Expo 2019

    Has there been any talk of the 2019 Precision Rifle Expo ? @Lowlight - Since you were instrumental in getting the word out to us, have you been privy to any info for the upcoming expo ? My daughter and I both enjoyed the trip to the Arena and your class - even if she didn't hit your 1K target on...
  17. CaptNemo

    First Lathe Project

    I recently inherited my uncles South Bend 9A 48" lathe and moved to the house from his place in Central Alabama. Since the lathe isn't terribly heavy the moving process was pretty easy compared to what it could have been. It was pretty manky, but a little bit of time cleaning out the chips and...
  18. CaptNemo

    Labradar on Sale

    $ 499.95 November 15th thru December 9th Just a heads up if anyone was on the fence, now there are 60 more reasons to buy one - in 10 days. I got an email and there was a post in their instagram as well
  19. CaptNemo

    Ruger 10/22 Stock and Bedding ?

    I have a Ruger 10/22 stainless rifle from about 2001 that has one the “Sporter” wood stock with checkering. It’s a decent looking rifle and a little classier looking than your run-of-the-mill blued carbine. I shot it yesterday and found that there were a several failure to extracts and light...
  20. CaptNemo

    Range Boxes - Let's see them

    What are you using to pack your general "Stuff" - ammo, hearing protection, etc., etc., etc. out to the firing line ? Pelican box, old milk crate, old ammo box ? Got something High Speed, Low Drag ? Share it with the rest of us !