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  1. Matches Malone

    WTB: triji MRO or aimpoint PRO

    Message me if you are considering selling.
  2. Matches Malone

    WTB: Vortex ranger rangefinder

    Not looking for particular model, just one in the ranger line up to replace my archery rangefinder that got wet last season. Just thought I’d check out if anyone had one on here before looking at new ones.
  3. Matches Malone

    Been awhile since I found myself here..

    my google skills are not on point today. My question is about Christmas tree style reticles. Let’s use the ebr-c reticle for example. If you have to dial say 20 THEN hold the rest of your elevation, let’s say 8, would the wind hold on the 8 line be correct for the distance? Hopefully I...
  4. Matches Malone

    WTB magnetospeed sporter

    Anyone thinking about selling one?
  5. Matches Malone

    Wtb magnetospeed

    As title says. I have a Bushnell elite 1500 I’ve been trying to sell I can probably include with money, or just money. Thanks
  6. Matches Malone

    Wts Bushnell elite 1500

  7. Matches Malone

    wtb: leupold 2800

    pm if you are selling.
  8. Matches Malone


  9. Matches Malone

    WTS bushnell elite 1500

    $170 Good working condition. Just one of many rangefinders I don’t use anymore. Check out the pics.
  10. Matches Malone

    Ballistic calculator "app".....what would you want to see?

    This is a general input thread. Just curious on some feed back from the masses in regards to if you were able to "custom make" your own ballistic calculator app, what would like to see? What you want it set up like a paper dope book but digital for some of you older types? Maybe have a section...
  11. Matches Malone

    What is the cause of this?

    I'm just going to take this slow and answer any questions to help trouble shoot this..I've very curious. So there is this black soot on my necks and these cases get stuck in the chamber..however if i take a cleaning rod i can just touch the case and it pops out..not hitting or pushing required...
  12. Matches Malone

    Ear pro

    what kind of electronic ears do you fancy?
  13. Matches Malone

    Opinions on...

    Case fillers? I've never met anyone in real life that uses case fillers...but I read a few places online. Whats your thoughts?
  14. Matches Malone

    Load data 212gr eld-x 300 win mag?

    Anyone have any load data and suggestions? Or even a screen shot of the hornady manual for the eld 212gr maybe.
  15. Matches Malone

    Barrel heat/lower POI?

    If it matters, this is something I've noticed with my 6.5 creed in a AR10 platform. Anyways, its not a problem, as I rarely let this happen however I was curious if this was a common phenomenon. When shooting at range (i've never noticed anything at close range) as I get into the 10-15 round...
  16. Matches Malone

    .300 win mag high pressures?

    I'm putting this in the stupid questions area because i probably survived war just to blow myself up with my own gun. My .300wm when using factory 180 gr federal fusion which i use for long range yote hunting has for awhile being shooting at screaming hot velocity. It's hot where i am...about...
  17. Matches Malone

    weaver tactical 3-15 questions.

    Two questions. 1. Has anyone done a tall target test on theirs, what were the results? (No, I'm not looking to use your results...I just want to see if there is a big variety of different results) 2. Does anyone know the subtension of a mil dot for these scopes? I heard Weaver said they are .22...
  18. Matches Malone

    Custom bc

    anyone have any tips with modifying my bc on a solver to match real world results? Trued mv but it just kind of averages the rest of my dope and it becomes all out of line.
  19. Matches Malone

    Used scopes sites?

    I feel this is almost under the the stupid questions category, but, I was searching the web for options, and it wasn't exactly a successful search by any means. Does anyone know of any sites besides sniperhide, gun broker, ebay, or armslist that sell a decent amount options for used optics? I'm...
  20. Matches Malone

    .224 75gr SCIROCCO

    I thought this topic would be best in this section, since in this instance most reloaders have a better idea of ballistics and since ill be hand loading these. With that being said, anyone have any testimony on these projectiles? I'm looking for a good blend of terminal and external ballistics...