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    Craddock Precision still working through the shutdowns?

    Anybody receiving barrels and parts from Craddock? My order was placed on March 9th and was just wondering if they kept working through the shutdowns. I sent them an email but haven’t gotten anything back. I’m not in a huge rush, just changing my timeframe expectations. Thanks, Dan
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    I need a quick refresher on BCG weight

    I’m running 2 6.5 large frame AR10s with low mass carriers, adjustable gas block, and have played a little with the JP SCS weight. My builds needed a little less weight than the full heavy SCS to reliably lock back with factory Hornady 120gr ELD Match. I plan to run hotter reloads some I might...
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    WTS Hornady Ammo Plant case feeder with 4 plates

    I have a nearly new Hornady case feeder to turn your progressive press into an ammo plant. I have all 4 case plates (large/small rifle and pistol) for the case feeder. PM for pics. Asking $350shipped.
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    20 rounds for home defense is enough....

    Based on my calculations, the ammo hoarders have it all wrong. I reloaded these 20 rounds this morning and feel like my TP supply is in good hands.
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    Pulsar Axion XM38 thermal spotter w/ 2 batteries $1800 shipped

    Up for sale is a nice Pulsar XM38 spotter monocular. I just wrapped up my night coyote season and figured I should offload this. This unit has probably 20-30hrs runtime and comes with 2 batteries. $1800 shipped and insured with 2 batteries, $1750 with 1 battery. Looking for a NX8 4-32 Mil-C or a...
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    Any field reports on 22 Creed AR10s?

    I ran this cartridge this season out of a bolt gun and am now considering it in a semi-auto platform. Plan would be 1/8 twist, 22” barrel +2 gas with premium components. 75gr ELDm at 34-3500 shouldn’t be a problem. Knowing there have been reliability issues pop up with the 6 Creedmoor, do you of...
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    WTB Manners/McMillan stock for Savage 4.40” with DBM

    Looking for a tactical style non thumbhole stock for my Savage 4.40” 22-250. A4/A5 style preferred with DBM. It can be a little beat up because I’ll probably paint it.
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    Spuhr SP-4616 1.5” 20moa $325 shipped

    Very good condition, base mounting screws show a little wear from remounting a few times. Don’t think I have the box, but I have one from another mount with the wedge.
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    SOLD Nightforce A227 1.5” 4 screw Ultralite rings $110 shipped

    Almost new NF extreme high 4 screw rings. Retail $175-190, I will sell for $110 shipped.
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    WTS/WTT $1700 NF ATACR 4-16F1 Mil-R for NX8 4-32**Spuhr 4616 package deal added

    Looking at trading or selling my NF ATACR. Perfect glass, a few nicks of the knobs but overall a great scope. It’s mounted in NF ultra high 1.5” rings currently and has the NF RAP. Most likely keeping the RAP but the rings can sell. I have the box but not much else. I can probably track down the...
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    Rhino 2 helmet mount with dovetail for PVS14

    I’m pretty sure I’ve got a Rhino 2 mount with dovetail adapter. It’s been sitting on the shelf since I got a Wilcox. Asking $110 shipped, let me know if I’m out of line.
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    SPF KRG 180-Alpha for Savage SA with Arca rail and NV mount

    Hey, looking to piece out my hunting setup for the last few seasons. Black KRG 180 Alpha chassis with Arca Swiss forend, oversized cheek rest, NV mount, and QD sling plate. Total retail price from KRG was just over $1000. The Arca rail has scratches from my tripod but the rest of the chassis is...
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    No SiCo Radius alternative for say $600? Seriously?

    Rangefinder technology has advanced in the last 5 years to give us affordable options to range a mile in the palm of our hand. How can there not be a $400-$600 weapon mounted rangefinder on the market? All I need is a smaller, robust version of the Radius that can do up to 700 yards at night. I...
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    Halo LR sight in/first impressions

    After debating several months between the Halo LR and the Trijicons, I found a trade partner and acquired a like new Halo LR. My only field experience was a Pulsar Trail XP38 and I’ve been running a PVS30 setup for the last few years. I walked the Halo in on 3 shots mainly because I wasn’t sure...
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    Anyone interested in free 303 British surplus ammo?

    A work friend of mine is looking to dispose of maybe 100 rounds of WW2 surplus 303 British ammo on stripper clips. His dad just passed away so he’s going through his belongings. I’d prefer someone in northern IL but not sure if it’s worth it to ship. I’ll get more details if there’s interest. He...
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    Reap IR 35mm over Halo LR?

    Another either or question for the experts. I originally had my mind set on needing the high native mag of the Trijicon 60 or Halo LR 50. After the last dozen or so hunts this year my max shot opportunity has been under 300 with most around 200. I’ve noticed I’m only running my day scope around...
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    WTS NF ATACR 5-25 SFP Gen 1 MIL-R $1700 Shipped

    Any love for the Gen 1 ATACR 5-25? I’m not needing to sell this as it just sits on the Barrett in the safe but I’ve got my eye on a new thermal and would like to raise some funds. This scope is 2nd Focal Plane, perfect for high mag shooting. Mounted in Barrett zero gap rings in excellent...
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    MK2 to MK3 upgrade worth the cash?

    Looking at a few various MK2 thermals for sale and was wondering if you guys thought it was worth the $1000. As I understand it doesn’t start the warranty over or anything like that so it’s basically the firmware update unless you’re going to a larger lens.
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    Schmidt&Bender PMII 5-25x P4F Mil/Mil CW $2300 shipped

    Up for sale is an almost brand new S&B PMII 5-25. I bought it last summer and only fired a few rounds to sight in an AR10. Currently mounted in a Spuhr SP-4616. $2300 for the scope, $2650with the mount.
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    SOLD NF ATACR F1 5-25x MIL-R Like new in FDE Spuhr SP4002

    Up for sale is a LNIB Nightforce C546. I bought it here on the Hide last summer, through it in a factory FDE SP-4002 mount but never shot with it. Didn’t see a mark on it, but I can pull it out of the mount if interested. Comes with box, caps, and other random NF trinkets. Asking $2200 for the...