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    WTB/WTT: Impact Standard Bolt Knob for Round Bolt Knob

    Looking to buy or trade for round impact bolt knobs.
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    WTB: MPA BA Mount - 1.5" 0 or 20 MOA

    Per the above. Please advise if you have a mount fitting the description.
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    WTB Impact 737r .223 Bolt

    Per the above, looking for bolt only.
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    WTB - Rifles Only Bungee Sling

    Per the above.
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    For Sale - PVA Mad Scientist Bead Blasted Brake

    Per the above All 5/8-24 all .308 PVA Mad Scientist Bead Blasted - $sold 419 Hellfire - Sold
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    For Sale - Prefit RPR Barrel from Krieger in 6.5 CM

    Per the above Kreiger 6.5 CM Barrel 535 Rounds on the barrel 26" 1:7.5 Twist. This barrel has been fantastic - $SPF Shipped lower 48. I'll throw in 100 pieces of Prime twice fired brass to the purchaser. Comes with rubber nipples protecting threads on muzzle and barrel tenon.
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    For Sale - MPA Spigot Mount & Atlas BT17

    Per the above MPA spigot Mount for sale. $sold shipped usps. Atlas BT17- $sold shipped.
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    For Sale - Seekins Rings 34MM .92 Height

    I have two sets of sequins rings for sale. Both identical. Both are in great shape. $85 shipped per set.
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    For Sale - Timney 517

    Per the above - I have one Timney 517 factory set at 2lbs. $78 Shipped.
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    For Sale: Badger 20 MOA Rail for Remington 700 - Short Action

    Per the above. I have a Badger rail in good condition. It was bedded to a Remington 700 action. $81 Shipped to the lower 48.
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    Seekins Precision Keymod RPR Handguard

    Seekins Precision Keymod 15" Handguard - $SPF Shipped to the lower 48.
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    WTB - Kestrel Tripod Mount

    All, I'd like to purchase the items imaged below. Please advise if you have them.
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    WTS - Bighorn Action Wrench - PVA

    As above, I have a PVA BigHorn action wrench for sale. $SPF Shipped to the lower 48. I accept PayPall, Apple Pay Cash, and MO. Thanks,
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    For Sale - CZ - 455 17 HMR Barrel

    For sale, Brand new in box 17 HMR barrel for CZ 455. This is the straight bull barrel. No taper. Unfired and new in box. Price includes shipping to the lower 48. $125
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    Gain Twist Barrels 308 Win

    All, I am in the process of choosing parts for my next build. I'm interested in a gain twist .308 barrel for 308 Win. shooting 185. Do you have a twist recommendation? Thanks,
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    For Sale - TL3 - 6.5 Creedmoor Chambered by Altus

    Per the above - TL3 with 6.5 CM Barrel 867 Rounds through the barrel. Action - DLC'ed, Medium Tang, 20 MOA Rail, Cut for AW Mags Barrel - 26" Bartlein, Threaded 5/8-24, M24 Contour. Throated to run no turn Lapua brass with 140 Hybrids seated 30 thou in front of the neck/shoulder junction...
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    WTB - Kestrel Elite 5700 with Link

    Per the Above. Show me what you've got. Would love Blaze Orange or Green.
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    For Sale - RPR - Timney, Seekins Handguard, Krieger Barrel

    Seekins Precision Keymod 15" Handguard - $139 Kreiger 6.5 CM Barrel 535 Rounds on the barrel 26" - $429 Timney RPR Trigger - $SOLD Pics Later Accept Paypal. FF or Add 3%.
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    For Sale - Ruger Precision Rifle Gen 1 .243/6.5 Creedmoor

    For Sale, Ruger Precision Rifle, Gen 1 in .243. Rifle will come completely stock. Unknown rounds on the barrel, I purchased the barrel used to play with. I suspect a low round count, and can borescope the barrel on request. Only fired 100 rounds before changing to the 6.5. Barrel hammers with...
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    Tikka T3 .223

    Tikka .223 24" barrel, blued. In factory stock with mountain tactical 20MOA Rail. This is the most accurate factory rifle I've ever laid hands on. Hands down. Rifle as it comes from factory with rail and T3X Bolt knob. - $SPF Pics to Follow.