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  1. 7mMike

    PMA Micro Die Adjuster w/ Thumb Screw Upgrade

    pma micro adjuster for sale 65 shipped
  2. 7mMike

    Kestrel 4500

    Selling a mint 4500 90 shipped
  3. 7mMike

    WTB Arbor Press with force gauge

    Just like the title says.. let me know what you have! thanks
  4. 7mMike

    Bald eagle primer seater

    Only a few hundred rounds primed with it. Cps showed up today so letting this one go. 75 shipped postal service
  5. 7mMike

    Looking for primal rights cps

    Looking for a used cps. Thanks
  6. 7mMike

    WTB bix n andy tacsport pro two stage

    Looking for one with the low sear for a bighorn tl3. Thanks
  7. 7mMike

    What drill bit are you using for the fx120i draft shield

    Looking for some info on what kinda of drill bit for drilling a hole for my AutoTrickler. Can’t say that I’ve ever drilled Lexan before, and I don’t wanna break the draft shield if I can help it. thanks
  8. 7mMike

    6dasher barrel life

    Ok, my tl3 is at spartan precision rifle’s and I wanna do a 6br or dasher. I have no experience with either of these calibers. So I guess I was looking for some real world info on how long your dashers have gone before they are shot out. thanks
  9. 7mMike

    WTB 6br barrel for tl3

    Looking for a 6br pre shoulder for my tl3. M24 contour preferred. thanks
  10. 7mMike

    WTB bighorn tl3 or tl2 short action

    Just like the title says. Let me know if you got one you wanna part with.
  11. 7mMike

    224 Valkyrie ba wtb

    Looking for a 224 Valkyrie custom barreled action. Thinking about building one but figured I’d try first. thanks, Mike
  12. 7mMike

    WTB Quickload

    looking for Quickload software. Figured I’d try before I buy new. thanks
  13. 7mMike

    WTB atlas cal

    Looking for a atlas cal don’t need a mount. thanks
  14. 7mMike

    WTB kestrel applied ballistics

    No real preference over the 4500 or 5600.. Let me know on price etc. thanks
  15. 7mMike

    cattleman99 Gtg

    Fast shipping! And good communication.
  16. 7mMike

    WTB 223 micro seater and regular sizer

    Looking for Redding or forester. Let me know what you got.
  17. 7mMike

    WTB 6mm hellfire

    Looking for a 6mm hellfire muzzle break. Thanks
  18. 7mMike

    WTB 223 ba

    Looking for a m-24 or mtu. Let me know what you got. Custom action preferred.
  19. 7mMike

    Vortex viper gen 1 pst ebr with Nightforce rings

    Like new viper with ebr mil scope. Used on my cz455 for maybe a few hundred rounds. Scope is like new . Not sure on the Nightforce rings off the top of my head but I’d say there 1inch. 425 shipped
  20. 7mMike

    10 shot load development 22 250 75 edl m with h4350

    Ok, this is my first time messing with this method. I got some great numbers with virgin brass like 1fps apart in the nodes. Now fired brass I ran this test again and now I’m scratching my head on the numbers on the fired brass. I guess I’m looking for some input from any ones experience with...