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  1. cat-mechanic

    Dillon Dies and 550 Conversion Kits, New stuff added 01-17-20

    OK, I have ended up with too much stuff and need to organize. I have some 550 conversion kits that need to go. New these are $49.95 at Dillon, So let's call them $40 shipped. 1- 9MM conversion. Used. 1- 44 Magnum/Special, 303 British shell plate and pins, NO FUNNEL. $40 shipped as a 303...
  2. cat-mechanic

    100 pieces of new Lapua 300 Win Mag brass

    Alright, I have held on to this stuff long enough. I will never use it as I have other brass for the 1 rifle that I have and it shoots just fine. Anyway, this is 100 pieces of new never fired. It has all been trimmed to 2.608", deburred, then all primed with Federal large rifle magnum match...