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    Parental Advice - Twins...

    Wife and I found out she’s pregnant again (“found out”; intentional pregnancy for anyone asking). Had her first ultrasound yesterday and we learned she’s carrying twins. After my wife immediately yelled, “Shut Up!” at the poor ultrasound tech, and she assured us she was not joking (we realized...
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    TRADED: Original Sig Brace / Phase 5 Hex Tube - $90

    Original Sig Brace Great shape, light use. Phase5 Hex pistol buffer tube (Tube only, no retaining plate, castle nut, buffer, or spring included). Might have the original pistol tube slip-on foam. If I can find it, I’ll include it as well. Take the package deal for $90 shipped CONUS.
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    FS: Ken Farrell Pic Rail - CZ 527

    These guns are notorious for being difficult to select optics for (bolt handle interferes with larger ocular bells). Bought this with the intent to raise my optic/allow it to fit more easily while simultaneously being able to use regular scope rings. Chose my optic after buying the base and...
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    FS - TASER X26 “Blue Gun”/SERPA Holster (LH)

    TASER X26 BlueGun (I believe it’s Ring’s brand, non-weighted) - $40 shipped ($59 on Amazon, $53 for the ASP brand Red Gun version) Blackhawk SERPA holster ***LEFT HANDED*** with Blackhawk belt clip - $35 shipped ($47-50 on Amazon) Great training aid for DT/sparring scenarios or use in...
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    Home Shooting Range

    For those of you with a home range, anything you’d do different? Before folks waste their time, I’m not worried about legality or safety. I’ve already checked with local LE and I’m good to go on legality as long as I’m not charging for use/teaching classes as business there. Geography/elevation...
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    SOLDWarne 20moa Rail (Tikka T3/T3x)

    Warne MountainTech 20moa lightweight picatinny rails - Fits Tikka T3 or T3x (Model #76T3-20MOA) Bought these for some potential projects, but haven’t used them. 100% As New. Just cleaning out stuff I’m not using. I have 3 available. $50 each shipped. $95 for 2 shipped $140 for all 3 shipped.
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    SOLD - Vortex SPARC II - $105

    Good optic, just wasn’t happy with battery life (having to keep it on for 8-12+ hours at a time), so I upgraded to a Trijicon. Works perfectly, just a few use marks I tried to picture. More pics available on request. Just been taking up space in the safe. Lowest price I can find is $150 on...
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    SOLD PSA Marauder 7” 5.56 Upper

    Picked up as an impulse buy a few months ago, but ended up buying a BCM 11.5” upper to fill my AR pistol desire instead. Never fired, no BCG or charging handle included (as it was sold by PSA). At one point, I mounted a SPARC II on it but then put it in the safe and haven’t touched it since...
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    SOLD - Burris Fullfield II 4.5-14x42 $120

    Had this on a .223 for a bit, but upgraded recently. Will just collect dust in my safe, would rather get it moved on to a new home and someone who can use it. Used, but not abused. Some minor cosmetic dings on the objective bell and one on the tube just behind the turrets. Tried to capture them...
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    WTB - KRG Minimalist Spigot

    Anyone try one out, decide it’s not for you, and now it’s just sitting in your holster drawer? Figured I’d check here first.
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    WTS - Lee Deluxe 4-Die Sets: 9, .40, .45

    Lee Deluxe 4-Die Sets: 9mm, .40 S&W/10mm, and .45 ACP/.45 AutoRim. Each set includes carbide sizing die, powder-through expanding die, bullet seat and feed die, and carbide factory crimp die, shell plate, and powder scoop. No issues with any of the die sets, just upgraded to a Dillon 650 and...
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    New Year’s Cleanout

    Getting rid of some stuff that’s cluttered up my drawers. Discuss shipping upon PM. For many of the small items or orders of multiple items it will be included in the price, but I’ll decide shipping cost upon PM to facilitate bundling items. Shellback Tactical Talon drop leg four magazine...
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    Proof Carbon with wood stock?

    Thinking about an Origin 7mm-08 with CF barrel. I have a craving for a (somewhat) classic wood stock, but I’m not sure how the wood stock will look with a CF barrel? Retro meeting modern materials. Currently thinking M40 style stock (matte finish BLO finished walnut, no checkering, Monte Carlo...
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    SOLD Nikon M-223 - 3-12x42

    Bought years ago for an RRA .223 Wylde upper I no longer own. Used it for coyote hunting for a few years, but sold the upper to find another project and switched back to a bolt gun. This is a great optic for the factory ammo user. Spot on with Hornady 55gr VMax factory ammo. At known distances...
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    Eberlestock H31 Bandit?

    Looking for a new backpack for whitetail hunting and thinking about grabbing this pack. I bowhunt almost exclusively from box blinds and tree stands and carry a backpack for full-day hunts. I carry a DSLR camera, extra layers, food/drink, piss bottle, and other assorted small items. Keep a...
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    Once Fired Brass Prices?

    Just curious what folks are paying for once fired brass, preferably anyone who is buying by the pound? Planning to buy two full five gallon buckets of mixed 5.56/9mm/.40/.45 brass from my department. I know it’s all once fired brass, and a good portion is Speer GoldDot pistol and rifle brass...
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    Recommend LPVO - Special Requirements

    My department just modified our rifle optics policy to allow low power variable optics. In their wisdom, they’ve capped the magnification to (true) 1-4x, and it must have capped turrets. It seems the majority of manufacturers are moving to the 1-6x or higher magnification range. If I could use...
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    Athlon Ares BTR Gen II

    Looks like the assumptions were correct. Saw Doug’s thread on CameraLands further price reduction on the Gen I and went looking for more info on YouTube... Gonna pick up that 2.5-15x50 Gen I. ?
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    Killer RMR Deal (RM06, Type 1)

    Trijicon RMR "Type 1" Adjustable LED w/3.5 MOA dot on sale at Cabela's for $348.99 each. Free Shipping right now over $99. Best price I can find anywhere else is $490. These are since replaced by the "Type 2" variant with only a few minor changes; most notably updated battery contacts for...
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    Bushnell Engage Riflescopes?

    Anyone using these? Thoughts, critiques, praise, or regrets? I've got one enroute by USPS right now. Came across a deal too good to ignore on a 3-12x42mm. Would rather have had the 4-16x44, but it was out of stock. Not even sure which rifle I'll use it on. Lol If this turns out to be a decent...