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    LWRC 12.7” SIX8 A5 upper

    Complete upper. Mid length gas system. Has 5-600 rounds through it. Will come with a Surefire warcomp. Magpul foregrip. LWRC flip up iron sights. The rifle was cleaned after every shoot. And the bolt and cam pin stayed lubed even in the safe. If you have any question or need more pictures...
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    Aimpoint PRO OEM Mount

    Optic was switched to a different Mount from the day I bought it. $50 shipped Call or text 757 7482277
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    POF 4.5 pound trigger

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    NF ATACR 1-8x24

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    ZRO Delta 34mm DLOC Mount

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    LWRC SIX8 12.7” pistol

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    Aimpoint T2 larue Mount

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    SOLD RHR 700 .308 McMillan

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    Badger 34mm 1” rings

    Badger Ordnance USMC marked 1” high rings for sale. Look brand new. $130 shipped Call or text. 757-748-2277
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    Geissele 9.3” mk16 DDC rail

    Sold Had planned on building a 10.3” urgi. Never used or installed. Comes with roll marked ddc airborne charging handle $450 shipped. 757 748 2277
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    Larue LT120 34mm

    Looks brand new. Rode on a 700 I dont shoot much that is also for sale. $220 shipped Call or text 757 748 2277
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    Aimpoint T2 w/ Larue 1/3 QD Mount

    Looks brand new. Looking Tj get something different $675 shipped Call or text 757-748-2277
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    Zrodelta dloc mounts

    Does anyone have any experience with these? Can’t find much independent or 3rd party reviews on them.
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    S&B 1-8 CC

    Has anyone got to play with the close combat 1-8 from Schmidt and Bender? Thoughts?
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    Steiner m6xi 1-6x24

    Does anyone have any experience with this? Can't find anything but shot show videos. In the market for a LPVO and interested in how this stacks up to Kahles,Vortex, NF new offerings etc