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  1. sierracharlie338

    Ruger LR HUNTER accuracy reports

    Anyone have any reports on the Ruger Long Range Hunter specifically in 6.5PRC? Curious if it shoots like the LR Tacticals that I’ve seen.
  2. sierracharlie338

    Best 6mm cartridge*

    About to build a new bolt gun on a Tenacity action. Looking at getting back into the 6mm family. I’ve got 223 and 25-338 covered. Regrettably sold my last 243 a few years back. Some chambers I’m considering are: 243 win 6cm 6xc Looking to shoot 105-115’s and maybe even get into PRS matches at...
  3. sierracharlie338

    FOUND - new Lapua 243 brass

    Looking to buy about 50 pieces of new lapua brass. Don’t need 100 as it’s for my wife’s rifle that rarely gets shot enough to need that much. Let me know what ya got. Thanks SC338
  4. sierracharlie338

    In need of a new scale - suggestions?

    I’m looking to upgrade my scale from a range master 750. Scale still works but I don’t have 100% confidence in it. Before you toss a 500-1000$ scale out there let me save you some typing. That ain’t happening. It has been a while but I seem to remember hearing good things about the Gempros but...
  5. sierracharlie338

    257Rob AI barrel twist

    I am building a 257 Rob AI (rebarrel from a standard 257) and am trying to decide on a twist rate. Before you respond with "why would you do that" or any comments in general that don't address the question, feel free to find the back button. This was the first rifle I was ever given and have...
  6. sierracharlie338

    Curtis Actions - Thoughts or experiences???

    Saw a plug for these actions the other day and was curious what kind of following they had. Features look pretty good to me (mainly the 3 lug, 60 degree bolt throw) for an upcoming 260 build. Anyone with experience with these actions?
  7. sierracharlie338

    The Hide on Tapatalk

    Anyone else having problems signing in? I just downloaded it on my iPad and can't sign in. Says there is a problem with the forum and contact an administrator. I need my fix I went to Barrett.
  8. sierracharlie338

    Glass for 338LM

    That's right needing some suggestions on glass for my new 338 bolt action rifle. Will be mostly for murdering steel that's a long ways off (hopefully out to a mile). A couple I am looking at are: Vortex 4-27 Gen 2 NF ATACR 5-25 FFP Used S&B 5-25 I'm trying to stay around or under 2500 (with...
  9. sierracharlie338

    What 338 LM Bolt Action??

    I am in the beginning stages of planning out a 338 LM build. I can't decide what action to build on is my main problem. So with that being said, give me pros or cons about the available LM actions. I am open to anything with the exception of the AIAX price range. If I had the cash I would just...
  10. sierracharlie338

    How about load data for the .25 calibers??

    I have a 257 Roberts and that in its self is hard enough to find load data for but I also noticed there isn't much in the way of any 25 Cal cartridges here in the Depot. Anyone have any suggested load data?
  11. sierracharlie338

    Loading for a Ruger MKII (257 Roberts)

    I have been banging my head for a couple years now (off and on) trying to find a load for this damn rifle. I was using Hornady cases and 100 soft points. The rifle is factory from one end to the other. 22 inch sported barrel and the best I can get out of it seems to be minute of barn 1.5 MOA in...
  12. sierracharlie338

    What do SD #s REALLY mean??

    Here is the dilemma I have. I load for my 223 bolt rifle using Lapua Brass, 69 SMKs and federal SR primers. I am getting very accurate loads out of this rifle. I have shot it out to 500 and it maintains around 1/2 moa (yes a 2.5 inch group at 500). I recently got a Magnetospeed Chronograph and...
  13. sierracharlie338

    What brass for 300WM

    I am starting a 300WM build and am slowly starting to gather components for ammo. What say the hide on best quality / consistent brass for the Win Mag? Thanks
  14. sierracharlie338

    Ladder test results

    So I did a ladder test today @ 400 Yards. Rifle is a stock 700 VSS in 220 Swift shooting 50g VMax. These were my charge weights for the second round of ladder tests for this rifle. 1-36.1 2-36.4 3-36.7 4-37 5-37.3 6-37.6 7-37.9 8-38.2 9-38.5 10-38.8 11-39.1 I see2,3,4 and 5,6,7 but this...
  15. sierracharlie338

    Mind my GAP?

    Oh yeah check out this GAP! R700 action (trued) chambered in .243 Win Stock trigger worked over by GAP Krieger Match barrel Rem Sendero contour 1/8 twist Manners MCS-T stock with BDL mini chassis Badger thruster brake NF NXS 3-15X50 F1 True piece of art IMO. Those guys and gals over...
  16. sierracharlie338

    H414 wtf??

    So was planning on loading some ammo today but when I poured the powder into the measure I noticed something I've never seen before. I stopped and didn't load anything. Has anyone ever seen anything like this before. Two different looking propellants in the same bottle? I'm 100% certain I've...
  17. sierracharlie338

    Reloading 257 Roberts Question

    I am currently working up some loads for my 257 Bob. I found a pretty good load for the 100 grain class projectiles but wanted to see what I could do with a 117 grain SST. I started loading some cases with H4831 (not 4831SC - only powder I had on hand that was recommended by the Hornady book). I...
  18. sierracharlie338

    Savage 10FP Rechamber or rebarrel? Help!

    So I currently have a 10FP (2007) chambered in 308 that I recently discovered has a short throat (scratching bullets seated to SAMMI specs). Option 1 - send to savage and have them fix the issue. Option 2 - rebarrel myself and turn rifle into a .260 Rem (this is my choice for a short action...
  19. sierracharlie338

    Oal / ocw help!

    I was working in measuring OAL in a couple different rifles that I have not measured before. One is a Ruger M77(257 Rob) the other is a savage 10fp(308) The Ruger measured longer than what the book (Hornady) used for their testing, which I expected since I was touching the lands. On to what...
  20. sierracharlie338

    Berger VLD - I need HELP (.243)

    I am building a 243 (barrel fitted to action by gunsmith) and plan on shooting 105 VLDs. My worry is the OAL being too short with factory specs. The Berger manual says OAL should be 2.710. So loaded a dummy round to 2.725 which puts .069 in the case if my math is correct (base of projectile is...