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  1. j-dubya

    WANTED: Badger 34mm USMC M107/MK11/M110 Rings

    Looking for a pair of Badger 1.5” 34mm USMC ring sets. ***edit - one set acquired, need one more set*** Thanks.
  2. j-dubya

    Nightforce 2.5-10x24 Mildot Original

    Downsizing of my clone stuff continues. Original 2.5-10x24 mildot and capped .25moa turrets. Have been keeping this to send back to Nightforce for a turret upgrade. Nightforce says the zerostop turrets in mil/moa is a $400 upgrade. “B” prefix serial is from 2005 according to Nightforce. Works as...
  3. j-dubya

    Any Other Hide Dealers Taking Orders For TBAC Dominus?

    Looking to get a Dominus CB in tan. Any other dealers getting in on the first shipment besides Mile High?
  4. j-dubya

    WANTED: Older LMT MWS Charging Handle

    Looking for an older LMT MWS 7.62 charging handle. Don’t care about cosmetic condition as long as it’s serviceable. The one I’m looking for has the bigger back end like the gas buster from PRI. Thanks!
  5. j-dubya

    Atlas PSR Bipod w/ B&T AI Spigot Mount ***SOLD***

    Atlas PSR bipod with the B&T spigot Mount for Accuracy International chassis. Has some cosmetic marks, mainly in the knurling in spots. Please see the photos carefully - I tried to have direct sunlight highlight them. Aside from cosmetics, the bipod is 100% functional. $235 shipped...
  6. j-dubya

    Adding Rail For Bipod - Manners Elite Stock

    What all is involved with this? Looking to get rid of the standard stud mount and add a rail so I can utilize the more modern bipods. Is this something I can do myself with basic tools and know-how or is a mill required? Just trying to avoid the mailing and lengthy wait for a smith if I can...
  7. j-dubya

    Neck Tension Conundrum - Double Check Me...

    In an effort to get some use out of a bunch of stainless tumbled brass I mothballed years ago due to giving me fits with sizing and fliers on target, I brought the bushing die and mandrel back into my 308 loading. 308 shooting the past few years has been all gas gun, so I’ve stuck with my known...
  8. j-dubya

    MK12 Leupold MR/T M2 2.5-8x36 Illum. TMR ***SOLD***

    Clone-correct for MK12 Leupold 2.5-8x36 Illumintaed TMR p/n 67925. Closest one aside from a real TS-30A2. Has minor wear spots on the edges of turrets, and a scrape on the illumination housing cap - examine the photos carefully. 168gr elevation turret, 1/2 MOA adjustments. Includes all the...
  9. j-dubya

    URGENT Wanted: 25-30 185gr Juggernaut Tacticals in NW Atlanta

    Looking to see if anyone has, or knows a someone who has some 185gr Tactical Juggernauts they’d be willing to sell in the NW Atlanta area before this weekend. Only need 25-30 projectiles for load testing this weekend for a FGMM “sleuthing” thread going on in the reloading forum. Thanks!
  10. j-dubya

    WTB: Larue LT-788 RMR Mount

    Looking for a LT-788 mount for the RMR. Thanks!
  11. j-dubya

    WTB: Looking For Leupold Mark 8 34mm CQBSS Mount

    Looking to get a Leupold CQBSS mount - 34mm long cantilever Mount. This is not the Mark 6 variant. Also looking for the three-ring version. This was the early mount Leupold made for the CQBSS. Interested to see if someone has one they want to part with. Thanks!
  12. j-dubya

    Accushot BT19 AI Spigot Adapter for Atlas Bipod

    Used but good condition AI spigot adapter for Atlas. Just been sitting on the parts shelf for a while. $50 shipped PayPal f&f or buyer pays fee, USPS money order.
  13. j-dubya

    SOLD: NIB Badger Ordnance EFR

    Brand new in box. Brief mock up revealed it won’t work for my particular application, so I’m going a different direction. Includes everything pictured. ***SOLD*** PayPal f&f or buyer pays fee, USPS money order.
  14. j-dubya

    WTS: MGM Throw Lever for Mark 6

    Lightly used AADMount caps for the Leupold Mark 6 3-18x - ***SOLD*** Used MGM throw lever for Leupold Mark 6 models - $40 shipped. PayPal f&f or buyer pays fee, USPS money order.
  15. j-dubya

    SOLD: Seekins 34mm Low Rings, .92”

    Lightly used Seekins 34mm low rings in .92” height. Ships via USPS Priority. ***trade for Nightforce Ultralight 30mm 1.375” rings plus cash*** $85 shipped. SOLD PayPal f&f or buyer pays fee, USPS money order.
  16. j-dubya

    Wanted: Leupold Mark 6 One-Piece 34mm Mount

    Looking for one. Thanks!
  17. j-dubya

    WANTED: SR-25 URX Rail Take-Off

    Looking for a few ECR/MK11/M110 take-off parts: URX rail with built-in front sight. Don’t really care about condition as long as it’s serviceable. Thanks!
  18. j-dubya

    Looking For A Premier Heritage Tactical 3-15x Mil/mil

    Looking to see what’s out there for a mil/mil Premier Heritage 3-15x. Prefer the double turn turret and 2XR reticle but open to the single turn and gen 2 mildot if the price is right. Thanks!
  19. j-dubya

    WANTED: Larue LT-788 Mount For Docter

    Looking for a Larue LT-788 Mount for the docter sight bolt pattern. Thanks!
  20. j-dubya

    ***SOLD*** MK Machine Magnetospeed Mount and V2/Sporter Adapter

    Practically like new in the box. Mounted up and used for exactly five shots before my old V2 crapped out (sensor failed). Finally made the leap to Labradar so no longer need this. Will ship with everything and in the original packaging. Can send pics via text, just PM me on here. $100...