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  1. Matches Malone

    Is it worth keeping a 308 around?

    Until you are into subsonic, then it’s all back to basics. part of that has to do with application. Besides the Asian guys defending their businesses on roofs, how many people are taking up a 24 hour watch rotation and setting up a hide, or an OP? Running around crowds with a .308 wouldn’t be...
  2. Matches Malone

    Is it worth keeping a 308 around?

    If you want another 5000 rds of barrel life, keep it a .308.
  3. Matches Malone

    Sell me on a 300 WSM vs. 300 WM vs. 300 PRC for Hunting.

    The PRC would be the best bet. In hunting, I’ve rarely if ever seen bigger not being better. Perhaps it’s not necessary but none the less. I find concern with the barrel specs however. You’ll not be taking advantage of the capability of any of the win mag or the PRC. The short mag would make...
  4. Matches Malone


    It also depends how you hunt depending where you live as well. A .44 mag in a lever gun used for bush hunting is not a bad option for some deer. Here in the western states and in vast open ranges looking for mule deer, you can easily have a 500y shot, and the .308 might be better if you are used...
  5. Matches Malone

    I’m curious...what distance are you sighting in your RDS on your PCCs?

    For rds I use a 36/300 zero. 7 yards and in, offset is literal height overbore.
  6. Matches Malone

    Dope vs ballistic calc

    If you’re NOT using a custom curve and using a g1 or g7 BC then yes, you will have to change your Bc to match exact dope at different distance. Hornady has a pretty good example of different g7 scales per velocity range (mach) and how it effects their specific bullets.
  7. Matches Malone

    AR15 Build Opinions

    Soooo, anyone know how to actually fight in a house with a rifle?? It’s almost Friday...
  8. Matches Malone

    Strelok Pro "calculating vertical deflection as a percent of crossswind"

    Yeah he is totally talking about AJ. I hope he figures out whatever he is asking.
  9. Matches Malone

    AR15 Build Opinions

    My only issue is how do you expect to attack left/weak side lean/slicing /limited penetration/Israeli with a Lvpo? Unless you just plan on just barreling through the house cod style
  10. Matches Malone

    AR15 Build Opinions

    Is the lvpo also being taken off as well as the suppressor for home defense?
  11. Matches Malone

    Setting up to steal the election...

    While I agree that dems can’t be trusted to be count ballots and not shred the right amount of republican ballots, it’s nothing new that California will vote blue. I don’t see what all the crying is about. While there are a lot of freedom loving Californians, but the coastal city per capita...
  12. Matches Malone

    Trudeau just banned 1500 guns completely circumventing any democratic process.

    I’ll just say this, people lose their rifles in a boating accident all the time. It happened to me, and it can happen to you.
  13. Matches Malone

    Drone experts please

    Just get him FAA certified for SUAS, if he’s already a real pilot then he knows how to go on airman’s and setup and exam. It’s so easy even a pipe hitter can do it. He’ll need it legally if he excepts money for running the inspection. The inspection can be resulted by someone else obviously to...
  14. Matches Malone

    Uh Oh.. 2 former SF members in trouble down in Venzuela

    I don’t think they were there to fuck him...
  15. Matches Malone

    Optics Planet Coupon Code?

    I wish it was this easy to find a kestrel discount code
  16. Matches Malone

    Red Dot Needed

    The circle on the eotech is literally as cqb as cqb gets. The bottom of the circle there is a small cross, that is made for shots 7 yards and in to overcome height over bore. All you need to know is your zero offsets, like with any red dot/holo. Different zeros are explained in the little...
  17. Matches Malone

    kestrel applied ballistics

    It’s under target. It will say ideg or icos. Select icos and put your cosine in.
  18. Matches Malone


    I was serious about my response. It doesn’t look good and the for the cost of equipment, though it’s possible, is really anticlimactic.