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  1. CaptNemo

    Zermatt TL3 Bolt Handle Retention

    RTV Silicone works too.
  2. CaptNemo

    Mack Bro’s SS Evo

    Who on the Hide is a Mack Bros dealer / distributor ? What are the odds that someone will have one of these actions at Precision Rifle Expo ?
  3. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3 Thread

    X-Caliber directly. They are running a 25% off sale right now for Memorial Day, I think it ends today or tomorrow. If you miss the sale try “ ACCURATE20 “ for a coupon code.
  4. CaptNemo

    Bottom Metal / Mag Help (See Pics)

    Not critical. Just curious with all of the Ti, CF, etc.
  5. CaptNemo

    Bottom Metal / Mag Help (See Pics)

    What does the Grey and Gray stocked rifle weigh ? The optic, scope rings and ammo will likely out weigh the rifle...
  6. CaptNemo

    Remington 700 5R, Tikka T3X Lite, Browning x-bolt hells canyon. Advice on a nice long range bolt gun

    Tikka CTR stocks, bottom metal and mags should be pretty easy to find on the used market or for a little more $ the KRG Bravo is a proven combo. Been there, done that.
  7. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3 Thread

    I haven’t tried to take a factory barrel off yet, so no direct experience there - yet... I ordered an X-Caliber pre-fit last week so I’m about 9-10 weeks from finding out. It seems that the earlier production rifles were installed by King Kong but the reports lately have been easier removal.
  8. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3 Thread

    Don‘t worry about the barrel nut vs. shouldered pre-fit barrels. There has been no real empirical data to prove one superior to another. The concentricity of the bore, rifling, threading and chamber machining are more important than how the the barrel is tightened against the forward face of...
  9. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3 Thread

    @gr8fuldoug referred me to Scott @ Liberty Optics for Vortex Scopes a couple of days ago. it says a lot about someone’s character when he’ll PM you to help get you taken care of. I’ve got a stack of Athlon and Leica boxes from NY Cameraland but wanted something different this time around.
  10. CaptNemo

    2020 Precision Rifle Expo

    PRE 2018 sealed my decision for a Tikka Rifle PRE 2019 sealed my decision to upgrade from a Bravo chassis to a MDT ACC chassis and to shift from Pic rail mounted bipeds to ARCA mounts. Well worth the trip each time.
  11. CaptNemo

    Bravo Chassis?

    I have had two barreled actions in the same Bravo stock. Started with a Tikka CTR in 6.5 CM , moved that action to a MDT ACC and then bought a T3 Lite in .223 to put in the Bravo because it was lonely. The Bravo is a great stock considering the price point. There are a lot of them out there...
  12. CaptNemo

    Who's the POC at Euro Optic ?

    Jason was out of the store for the rest of he week... I did order a Vortex Viper PST Gen II 5-25 X 50 this afternoon, so thanks to you guys that answered the call for info !!
  13. CaptNemo

    Who's the POC at Euro Optic ?

    Who's the "Go To Guy" at Euro Optic ? Any Sniper's Hide Deals ? I am looking to buy a Vortex Scope and want to be as happy with my purchase as I have been with Doug and Neil @ NY Cameraland.
  14. CaptNemo

    Tikka T3 Thread

    Use a pencil and make a reference mark on the scope rail. Loosen the two nuts that clamp the scope rings to the scope rail. Take the scope and rings off as an assembly. Torque the Rear Bedding Block Screw ( Why was it loosened ? ) Put the scope & rings assembly back on the scope rail Align the...
  15. CaptNemo

    Suppressed Subsonic .22 Centerfire

    Use caution with cast lead bullets thru a suppressor if the can can’t be disassembled for cleaning. Theres always “The Dip” but disposal of the resulting lead acetate solution might be problematic...
  16. CaptNemo

    Tikka 223 AI KRG Bravo Build

    Just asked the same question and them pulled the Trigger last week Tikka T3 .223 AI Thread
  17. CaptNemo

    Savage Axis II XP

    Cabelas / Bass Pro have a Savage 12 FV that is more suited to what you want to do. It’s a few bucks more than the Axis, but a better rifle if you’re going to run up the round count. It’ll also have better resale value than the Axis Savage 12 FV @ Cabelas Find a good used scope in your price...
  18. CaptNemo

    Help with watch and backpack.

    I’ve had this Casio ProTrek for 5 years and it’s been a solid investment so far. It has solar charging so no batteries to replace. It has barometer / altimeter, compass and thermometer functions. Well worth the money.
  19. CaptNemo

    New Barrel for Tikka T3 - .223 AI ?

    Update: I called X-Caliber the second week of May and the CS Rep told me that they would be running a Memorial Say Sale, that I might want to wait. Yesterday X-Caliber announced a 25 % off Sale on Steel rifle Barrels and 10 % on the Carbon Fiber Barrels. I saw that and called Ron Allen @...