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  1. dustingaunder

    SOLD: Warne 1” Steel Low Rings

    I want these to go away. They work fine but I don’t like them. I use them on a cheap .22. Paypal me $8.30 and I’ll put them in a small flat rate box to you and you can have them.
  2. dustingaunder

    Ruger 77/22 Mag All Weather

    I wandered into cabalas in Tualatin today and they had an almost pristine 77/22 All Weather in 22 WMR for $400. Serial number puts it at 1991 and it has green stock inserts. Metal is in 95%+ shape and stock only has one or two small dings and one decent scratch. I’m not a huge fan of the boat...
  3. dustingaunder

    260 AI Seater

    Will the Forster Ultra Mic seater for .260 work for .260AI? I was hoping to use the seater and Redding Type-S neck die I already have and buy the AI body die to make the switch. Appreciate hearing about your experience.
  4. dustingaunder

    SOLD: Jewell Trigger for R700

    I have a lightly used Jewell trigger that I never cared for or never adjusted. The narrow shoe I just couldn’t get used to. Found it in my box o stuff looking for something else. I’d like to find it a new home as I’ll probably never install it again. Adjustable from 1.5 ounces to 3 pounds...
  5. dustingaunder

    Sherman Brass Quarantine Sale

    Not sure if it’s been posted but Rich has his SS, SST, Max brass marked down through May. I snagged another hundred for my 7 Max.
  6. dustingaunder

    R700 Feeding Issue

    I’m having an issue I can’t resolve with my R700 SA. It’s in a bravo with 5 round AI mags with the binder plate removed and welded up. It’s a 7-08 with 162 amax. When the mag releases the round it flicks the case head up just right and wedges in the barrel against the bolt and top of the...
  7. dustingaunder

    WTS: Bushnell ET 6-24x50 Illuminated Mil-Dot

    I have two of these that are basically brand new collecting dust in my safe. One on a .22 that’s seen maybe 100 rounds. Other on a .22-250 that’s seen maybe 10 rounds. Both come with box and papers as new. Rings not included. $450 shipped each.
  8. dustingaunder

    SOLD: Vortex PMR 34mm Rings

    I have a set of like new Vortex PMR 34mm .92 rings. Same as Seekins, just have vortex logo. Sale price is $100 shipped. SOLD
  9. dustingaunder

    WTS: Factory R700 Barrel - 300WM

    Pulled off of a new rifle 6 or 8 years ago. It looks brand new inside and out. 26” sporter profile black finish from an ADL/SPS. Barrel only, no lug. Can shorten and thread if buyer wants to their specs. $125 shipped
  10. dustingaunder

    Found: Tikka 300 WSM Barrel

    I found one. Thanks everyone. Looking for a factory stainless 300 WSM barrel. Would also entertain aftermarket custom barrels but looking for something cheap to shoot some factory ammo. Low round count preferred.
  11. dustingaunder

    Manners Composite Stocks Shoutout

    I bought a used Tikka EH1A on here. Decided I wanted a 1” recoil pad instead of the 1/2” that it came with. Contacted MCS, got a very reasonable quote for the work ($60 shipped back to me). Sent it in expecting 5-7 weeks on 2/27. Received it back today 4/1. A little under 5 weeks including...
  12. dustingaunder

    Tikka Bolt to Breech Clearance

    What do you all use for bolt to breech clearance on T3s? I did a mock up of aluminum and left about 10 thou but I can see the extractor is rubbing on it with no round under it. It’s below flush with a round but proud with no round. I think it’s right around 10 thou proud but do you add more...
  13. dustingaunder

    Mauser M18 Barrel Specs

    I pulled one to thread for a can. Interesting design. The barrel doesn’t have a shoulder. It indexes on the back of the barrel in front of the locking lugs. I used a Remington 700 action wrench but be careful with that. The receiver is a C hair larger in diameter. I lined with some drywall...
  14. dustingaunder

    NF NX8 4-32 Tenebraex Thickness

    Trying to plan scope rings for new build. I don’t have my scope in hand yet and was wondering how much the Tenebraex adds to the diameter of the objective. I don’t think ARC lows will work. My DMR with BC will not clear on my Tikka with 24mm height rings. It fits without the BC but not with...
  15. dustingaunder

    WTB: ARC 30mm Low Rings

    Looking for a set of 30-24 ARC lows. Payment via PP.
  16. dustingaunder

    Composite Stock Spigot Mount

    I have a manners T4A. I love it but I’d really like to have a KRG spigot to mount my bipod. The Atlas pic rail on the forend works but the spigot on my KRG stocks is preferable. Anyone ever inlet the front of a composite stock and epoxy a spigot mount in?
  17. dustingaunder

    Ruger 77/44 Suppressed SBR

    Got this together for a friend of mine. He wanted a silent destroyer but didn’t want the wait and wanted to be able to use the can on other stuff. Helped him with the paperwork and chopped her down when his form 1 came back. Turned out pretty cool and sounds great.
  18. dustingaunder

    WTB: CDI Tikka Long Action DBM

    Anyone have one collecting dust?
  19. dustingaunder


    Works and looks like new. Case is a little dirty but otherwise unit is perfect. Includes box and paperwork it came with. $300 delivered. PP F&F
  20. dustingaunder

    WTB: Sterk Tikka T3 Bolt Knob and Shroud

    I want a right handed swept back ball knob. Also looking for a sterk Ti Gen 2 shroud.