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  1. CF_Smith

    Question about Savage mod 11 Lady Hunter in .308

    Hey all, I'm looking at the Savage mod 11 Lady Hunter in .308 for the girl, but if we went .308 she wants a brake. So I know everything I need to know but the OD of the barrel. I could measure it myself but no one around me has one. SO I'm wondering if anyone can measure one for me or...
  2. CF_Smith

    DIY Tactical Ammo Locker

    So I happen to live in a corner of the world where ammunition can't be "easily accessible" to the firearms, which is open to interpretation, so the easiest way is to lock up your munitions. I decided that I wanted to do a tactical approach, while on a budget. These are the steps you need to take...
  3. CF_Smith

    Is this good to fire?

    I'm not sure if this is the right spot for this thread, or if there's any that already pose this question. If so, I apologize. Anyway, I was at the range with some people who just got some SKS's and there was a few that a feed ramp issue (due to the way that the magazine is pinned, which is...
  4. CF_Smith

    Hoverboards have come.

    I'm not 100% sure that I believe this is real, but man oh man it would be boat loads of fun. Think of the fun! HUVr - The Future has arrived.
  5. CF_Smith

    Nikon scope help

    Hey all, so I bought my first scope last night (besides the one that came atop of my Remmy 597), had it mounted to my gun at the shop. I'm new to this whole scope thing, I've always been an iron sights kind of guy. So I chose the Nikon monarch 3 in 4-16x50mm because it seemed to fit my needs...
  6. CF_Smith

    Present for a friend, need advice.

    Hello, So I'm thinking about buying a friend of mine a Remington 870 as a graduation gift. I've been toying with the idea of writing a message on it. I was wondering if anyone would know how to do so in a way that will last but not ruin the gun: I have metallic sharpies but that'll wear off...
  7. CF_Smith


    Hello, My father's birthday is around the corner and I want to get him a bolt for his FN L1A1. The L1A1 is a prohibited weapon in Canada, but he is grandfathered into owning one. Since the rifle is L1A1 is prohibited in Canada it makes an already hard to find part impossible! Does anyone...
  8. CF_Smith

    Atlas Bipod on 10TR Stock

    Hello I have a Savage 10TR ( on it's way to me, and I'm looking to put a bipod on it. I'm thinking a Atlas bipod, as it has some really nice features. Upon some research, though, It would...
  9. CF_Smith

    Best thing since full faced helmets!

    Skully Helmets I want one of these so bad! thoughts?
  10. CF_Smith

    Length of Pull

    Hello, So after a few days at the range, my girlfriend has expressed that my Remington 870 super mag is "too big" for her. What she is describing to me is length of pull, something I know nothing about. She is claiming that her arms are fatigued when using the 870 (not from weight) I also...
  11. CF_Smith

    The Big American Hunt

    Hello, My friend and I are interested in going on a hunt in the states. We would be entering the states via Maine, and we would like the destination to be no more then a 1-2 days driving from there (We only have a week to do the hunt) our dates are March 3-7th 2014(with corresponding...
  12. CF_Smith

    New Member from Canada EH

    Hello, My name is James, I am 20 years old and live on the east coast of Canada. I am in no way new to firearms, I had 'my' first firearm when I was 3 years of age, it was a 22LR "Chipmunk" and I have loved firearms ever since. I joined the Canadian Forces Primary Reserves at the age of 16...