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  1. Shifty6BR

    Surgeon bolt shroud thread

    Hey guys I have a surgeon 591SA. I need to swap out the firing pin does anybody know if the thread pitch on the shroud is the same as a 700 1/2×13 I think. Thanks.
  2. Shifty6BR

    Soooo.. We blew one up

    Ok technically I am wrong in my wording.
  3. Shifty6BR

    Soooo.. We blew one up

    Sounds like that sucker was out of battery from all the slapping and racking stuff. A squib is pretty distinct. Glad to hear no one was seriously injured
  4. Shifty6BR

    New batch of CCI 450 and several failed

    Yes, I hand prime all my cases that are run thru a single stage press. One good press on the priming tool, rotate case and press again. May seem like an extreme crush fit to some but no failures and 450's seem to add in a part to my low sd's.
  5. Shifty6BR

    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    Yup, waiting on barrel...
  6. Shifty6BR

    New batch of CCI 450 and several failed

    Sucks they aren't working out... maybe get a hold of cci and see what they say. For reference I guess this what I got..still working on old dark blue boxes. Surgeon 591, Rem 700 and 2 dif lowers. TT diamonds on bolt actions. CE on one ar and a 667s on the other..
  7. Shifty6BR

    New batch of CCI 450 and several failed

    I've used them over a Surgeon, Rem 700, multiple ar15, buddies using them in a Defiance and another 700 no issues, no ftf. It is what it is.
  8. Shifty6BR

    New batch of CCI 450 and several failed

    Wow...I've been using 450 for so many years I can't remember now. I don't have any more lrp cartridges anymore by my own choosing. All the cartridges I load for are srp exclusively 450. Including the 1000's upon 1000's ran thru the 1050 for .223 Never had a single cci 450 primer not go off...
  9. Shifty6BR

    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    I just wanted to give a shout out to Ray at Zermatt. Thanks for all your help and getting me squared away. Customer service is impeccable. 🍺🍺🍺
  10. Shifty6BR

    Best budget range finders?

    I picked up a Leupy 2800 to replace and old, old Leica. It has an easier time pinging targets when compared side to side with my buddies particular 2200mr. I was able to hit some plates at over 1k so it's working out good so far.
  11. Shifty6BR

    Switching muzzle break = change POI?

    It is definitively not out the realm of possibility. A solid zero check will make life good.
  12. Shifty6BR

    NV (thermal) bad for the eyes?

    If loving it is wrong....I don't want to be right.
  13. Shifty6BR

    NEW From Zermatt Arms - RimX Actions

    Hey southies...just got the call from Altus..pre order lefties are in. 🤩🤩🤩
  14. Shifty6BR

    Difference in Omni VII and Omni VIII tubes?

    Does not the omni 7 contract tubes have a slightly thinner film vs the 8 l3 contract tubes? Or is that just misinformation embedded in my head.
  15. Shifty6BR

    Mr bullet feeder for pistol

    Yeah 7 out of 500 isnt bad, but as stated you'll have to play with the angle and tweak it a bit. Jmackey is right on bullet profile does make a difference, fmj by far are least finicky, when I switched up to jhp it was a bit more finicky but after a bit of tweaking it runs fine now with an...
  16. Shifty6BR

    Is a monopod on the rear of a rifle worth buying vs a bag?

    It's all about all the times I have used my accu shot I think I have used it once at 90 from the stock as in the traditional way most view monopods are used. Cradling the monopod and creating a wedge is very effective and as DT stated allows for very, very quick minute...