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  1. jasent

    37XC build

    First component of the build got picked up today. Savage 112 target magnum in 338 lapua. I was going to sell this barrel but I just couldn’t help but play with it. Loaded up a preasure test with h1000 and 300 gr bergers. Found a nice node at 2935. I’ll play with that till she levels out...
  2. jasent

    37XC vs 375 ct

    37XC .vs 375cheytac What are some pro’s and con’s. I’ve been planning my next build and was thinking 375 ct Friends recommended 37XC My next personal goal is 2500-3000 range Which way would you go in my shoes? And why
  3. jasent

    Throating for 300’s

    Last night the .338 throat reamer showed up. I had a little time so I pulled my barrel on the 338/375 XL and set up the ptg uni-throater about .025” short of my goal depth. Very surprising how fast it cuts! And yorke’s bushing fit my barrel very snug. Once I cut that I checked with dummy...
  4. jasent


    Last year I had a Weatherby Vanguard in 300wm that was ready for rebarrel. I wanted to go 338 edge but Action is a bit short and I wanted a repeater. Friend had a 338/375 ruger reamer I could use. So I ordered a Pre-Fit barrel nut barrel (howage) from McGowen in 338RCM 1:9 30” straight. We...
  5. jasent

    What a mess

    Spotted a coyote this morning out in the pasture. Grabbed my 338 and took a shot from the driveway. Some how I missed. Then I noticed the rebar we used as a tree stake was wiggling. Didn’t see it in my scope. Half hour later coyote comes back. Grabbed the 243 and dropped it at 460 yards. You...
  6. jasent

    Finally got out to my 1800 yard spot

    Finally got a chance to shoot from my 1800 yard spot. Took the 338/375 ruger out with 3rd round hit on moa size rock (triangle shape). Wind was light and 2 moa of wind got me centered with 62 min elevation. First shot goes left and high. 2rd goes center but high 1 moa in the tiny snow patch...
  7. jasent

    primer question

    Can magnum small pistol primers be used for working a load in 223 thanks in advance
  8. jasent

    300wm & re17

    Any one have experience with reloader 17 and 300wm, I have load data for it but wonder if anyone has experience with it. Thanks in advance