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    PSA PA10 gen 2 build kit

    Stripped uper and lower receiver Parts kits for both lower and upper receiver $275
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    WTB lilja cz455 barrel

    Looking for a cz455 lilja barrel in .22lr
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    Cz 455 with manners

    Cz 455 -Manners stock with adjustable check rest and heavy fill - Pillar and glass bedded -Tuned ejection -Tuned extraction -Barrel set back and headspace adjusted for ultimate accuracy - Barrel recrowned -Barrel glued to action for accuracy - Atlasworx bottom metal - Trigger tuned to just a...
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    1clicktrick +1

    1clicktrick Bought a rifle from me, great to deal with. Friendly guy who pays quickly. No issues, would do business with again.
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    Athlon Argos BTR PRICE DROP

    Athlon Argos BTR 6x24 Mil/Mil .10 clicks Used on a 22lr Good shape, tracks well Comes with rings $325 obo Trade for ? Make an offer
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    Vortex Razor HD GEN 1 *price drop*

    Vortex Razor HD Gen 1 First Focal Plane Mil/Mil .10 mil clicks 5 mil per revolution turrets Illuminated EBR-3 reticle (non Christmas tree) Vortex bubble level Vortex scope caps Vortex sunshade Switch view lever Seekins precision rings low rings $1100 obo May trade for something? Offer up
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    Indiana shooters stand up!

    Hello, Just seeing how many Indiana guys we have on here. Perhaps we could have a group shoot sometime.