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    AB Mobile zero atmosphere

    It would be nice if it was available in DA but w.e. I enable zero atmosphere (I played around with google calcs and came up with 2000 DA can be replicated with 29.26 inHg, 75 deg F, 50% Humidity {Pressure is absolute is enabled}). I set my zero range to 1000 yards. I hit done. Click the Sierra...
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    Applied Ballistics Mobile App - Sight Offset not changing any numbers.

    I was playing around with the sight offset numbers and going from 0 inches to 10 inches had zero effect on the elevation/windage. I would expect it to have some impact on windage. I had thought the math would be something like: 10 in offset while leaving it as 10 inch offset at 100 yards would...
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    What is a PRS MIL ranging stage comprised of?

    How often do they come up in matches? How much time do you have? How stable are the positions? What are the typical range of distances (i.e they never go past 800 yards)? Do people do the calculations in their head or do they use a little calculator? After you get the range do you use a quick...
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    APW Expander Mandrel Set

    What are peoples thoughts on this: Greatly reduce your ES and SD with this expander mandrel set from APW. The set includes the following mandrels: 224Cal 0.223 0.227 243 Cal (6mm) 0.243 0.245 264 Cal (6.5mm) 0.263 0.267 284...
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    Curtis Vector Screw backed out of hole near bolt release

    I have a Curtis Vector and I was installing a AW mag latch on the bane of my existence MDT ACC and the little screw that is in the hole by the bolt release on the Vector has seemed to vibrated itself back out. First question, What is it for? Second question, How do I fix this? Is it as simple...
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    AW Mag in Curtis Vector issue with second to last round

    It appears that when I try to feed the second to last round in the AW magazine, the last round will nose dive a little and the second to last round will pivot off of that last round and put the nose of the bullet into the right side of the breach. Any tips? My AICS mags will cause the bolt...
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    Lightweight PRS Scope Options

    I understand that in general 99% of PRS shooters want heavy rifles to mitigate recoil to help with seeing impacts but unfortunately I am a broken man with fucked up wrists and being at a disadvantage is better then not participating at all. So, what would be your best choice for a light weight...
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    What is the Best Christmas Tree Style PRS Reticle?

    Those of you that compete in PRS and utilize holdovers with an Christmas tree reticle, which of the different reticles do you feel is best (EBR-7C, H59, Tremor 3, Gen 3 XR, MIL-XT, MR4, SKMR3, GR2ID etc)? What ranges do you utilize holdover and when do you dial? Or is it a factor of target size...
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    ISO DIY plans for AMP Mate Case Feeder Stand.

    Anyone have DIY plans for a case feeder stand for the AMP Mate they would like to share?
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    S&B PM II 5-25x56 Parallax issue

    Has anyone had or heard of issues with the Parallax getting messed up on S&B PM II's? The target was at 300 yards and if I dialed to 300 on the parallax knob then the target was clear but I had to dial all the way to infinity to get the parallax correct. I know that the markings on those knobs...
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    S&B PMII More Tactile Clicks too stiff

    I could have sworn I read or heard somewhere that there was a service to have the MTC removed or reduced? I tried to do some googling but came up empty, did I just dream this up or is it a thing?
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    The ultimate reloading spreadsheet, looking for feedback.

    So let me premise this by saying I do have wrist issues so development of such a spreadsheet will be slow but I believe I can do the following and was curious about feedback from a user input standpoint. This will heavily use macros so I believe a full version of excel will be needed. This was...
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    Barrel Twist and Contour for 6 Dasher in a PRS style rifle.

    Here are my options for in stock barrels: 1:8 twist Rock Creek M24. 1:7 Brux M24. 1:7 Brux MTU. If you were to get a 6 Dasher barrel for PRS with an finished length of 26", which of the above would you chose? What would be your alternative if you were to order one (Twist, contour and...
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    What are all the different 6mm short action calibers?

    I am considering switching from 6.5 creedmoor to a 6mm but I am much less informed about the 6's than I am 6.5. I am NOT asking anyone to put together info on the cartridges (Barrel life, brass availability, feeding, load dev, reamers, MV, dies etc), I can do the research myself... right now I...
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    External differences between BigHorn TL3 and Defiance Deviant

    I have a Defiance Deviant pillar & glass bedded to a Manners T5A stock. I have read how Deviants can be prone to binding up in dusty situations. I also think the CRF/ME of the TL3 is neat. How difficult would it be to switch from the Defiance to the TL3, as far as keeping the stock. It is also...
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    PRS calibers and powder used, switching from H4350 to Varget.

    Since it is so hard to get H4350 I was thinking of switching to a different caliber that uses Varget and not have it be a sacrifice compared to H4350. For instance I know you can use Varget for 6.5x47 but it seems like H4350 is still the better choice. What are some calibers that are...
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    Natural Point of Aim: How close is close enough?

    My understanding of natural point of aim is so that your muscles are not tense before pulling the trigger and at the moment of firing your muscles will relax and cause problems with accuracy. As well as using muscle tension to get on target will cause the reticle to move more than if you were...
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    Choosing a 22lr rifle: 10/22 /w KIDD upgrades vs CZ 455 /w Lilja Barrel vs Anschutz 64 vs Volquartsen Summit

    I currently have a standard 10/22 with no upgrades but I personally prefer bolt action rifles. My choices are: 1) I could get immediate upgrades for the 10/22 from KIDD and go nuts with that. 2) I could get immediate upgrades for the 10/22 from KIDD and use them on my 10/22 then order a...
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    223 FTR Reamer and Freebore

    I am new to the FTR scene and I am a bit unsure of what I should set my Freebore to be and if there is a specific reamer I should request. After googling a bit I am quite confused, I found a thread where two shooters mentioned they use a freebore of .169" and another said they use .212 and jump...
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    How to reduce SD?

    So I have two rifles that I am reloading for. My first dabble into load development was my 308 (my 6.5 was currently being built). I used Hornady New Cases (Large Primer), Reloader 15, CCI 200, Hornady Match 168gr HPBT bullets with Hornady match dies. I fucked up a bit and did not seat the...