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    WTS/WTT Hornady 168gr ELD-M ammo 200 rd Case (Same lot #)

    Shipping via UPS Ground. Located around SLC, UT. $270 shipped
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    Bartlein 6.5 5r Blank 1:8 Heavy Varmint 29" - Back up - Price dropped

    Bought from Bugholes new. Been sitting on a safe ever since. Goes for $325 shipped . FTF $320 in SLC area PM is best.
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    Geissele Super Precision 30mm / 0 moa - P/N 05 - 404

    Minor/cosmetic mark on the 1/2" nuts. Cross posted $250 shipped.
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    MPA 35mm Mount - 0 moa - 1.250"

    Like new. $180 shipped.
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    ARC 34mm Rings 1.28"

    Used but not abused. Will ship em for $120 or will trade em for the same or something similar in the 1.40 - 1.50 height realm Will upload pics tonight
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    AIAX Max Barrel Contour. MTU, Straight taper?

    So im thinking about having a 6.5 barrel spun for PRS style matches but im not sure how large of a shank will the AXSA i have will take. Just want to confirm its good for 1.250" under the rail.
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    NEW AI AX/AT .243 win Barrel - 24" Sage Green 5/8x24 with protector Tonight only $450 shipped

    Zero rounds take off from a AI AX i just bought. Twist 1:8. Ill have a hard time reloading with all traveling i'll do in the next few months so i need something i can grab off the shelf ammo. 6.5cm or 6mm cm along those lines. Will trade for a new or maybe low round count 6.5cm stick if its...
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    Timing triggers to custom actions.

    A bit of context first... Rifle will be used for PRS style matches. 6mm Creed or 6.5 CM (Not sure if it has bearing but those are the two calibers im considering) Action will be either a Deviant Tactical or a Impact 737r and the trigger a TT Diamond. Been told multiple times timed triggers...
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    .243 for PRS type comps

    So is this smart? I know there are more comp efficient cals like the 6.5cm and the 6mm family but if i had no other option than to use the .243 win as a comp caliber would it be a decent match cal? I wont be reloading till june so the first 4 - 6 matches would be run with off the shelf ammo and...
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    WTB AI AT Fixed Right Hand

    Dont really need a folder cuz im doing the AX stock thing but will take a look too. If you wat to sell without barrel im interested too.
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    JP LRI -20 6.5Creed Proof option

    JP offers their LRI 20 with a Proof 308 but is anyone aware of 6.5 creed LRI -20? Leaning towards this lower but im not a fan of button rifles. Options on handguards to?
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    Benelli M2 24" with +7 Nordic extension and Nordic Bolt Handle *** Pics updated***

    Used but not abused M2. Backup to my main 3GN shotgun *** Only have 2 photos on hand, will upload more*** +7 Nordic Tube, spring, followers and clamp. Nordic Bolt Handle Complete set of factory chokes (The only one i ve used is the Cylinder, even the day of the 3gn) Choke tool. Im ballparking...
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    KRG W3 Folder M700 with Spigot and RRS plate.

    Used but not abused W3 Folder. KRG stopped making this in milled AL a while back. M700 patern. Dual LOP Locking cams. RRS Arca Plate (Short) KRG Spigot w rail section One AICS pattern magpul mag. Goes for 850 shipped firm (Please dont waste my time ). Insurance is extra. Located around...
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    LRI 308 Barreled Action

    Action: M700 trued by LRI Barrel : KP 1:10 finished at 18.5" M24 (500 rounds of FGMM 175 thru) SF Break included Trigger: Jewwel set at 1.5# Side Release Tac Knob Fluted Bolt Chassis is a W3 gen 3 that can be had for extra. Barreled action goes for $850 shipped. Located in Salt Lake City. No...
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    Craddock Presicion .224 Valk barrel Gas Block diameter

    Im thinking about getting on the .224 valk wagon via homebuild and im looking at craddock for my barrel. Now, is the gas block diameter the deciding factor on the final contour or is it just personal preference? All of my past builds have been .750. Am i loosing out on something if i stay on...
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    Changing Address within the state while waiting for a suppressor stamp

    So i might go down to TNT guns in Utah later this evening to get a 9mm can (First one) and i was wondering how would changing my address within the state of UT affect the process? I might move on Sept 2020 from northern UT to southern UT and this could very well happen mid wait. How would thing...
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    WTS/WTT MPA 35mm mount 1.25"

    Goes for 180$ shipped - Scope is sold. Will trade for a Surefire X300U - B plus cash on my end if its new. Paypal FF or fees on buyers end. PM is best
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    WTS Manners T2 OD Solid OD Green, Gen 2 Mini Chassis - Like new

    Goes for $700 plus 1/2 of final shipping. Might entertain high mag optics offers plus cash on my end. M700 inlet Located in SLC UT
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    WTS/WTT Leupold Mark 5 7 - 35 CCH - MPA Mount (Will split) - PRICE DROP - Trades updated on the OP

    Goes for $1,900 with the MPA mount shipped and insured paypal. Will split. Tracking is spot on - no cosmetic damage. Box and accessories included. Located in UT. Paypal - IM is best. Need more pics just let me know Trades: 2011 Staccato C USP Expert 9mm NIB or like new P30L 9mm .223...