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  1. roostercogburn98

    Not Snipery but vintage

    Torn in the middle on this gun. It is an M1 carbine that I have had for years. I have others so losing one would not clear my small gathering of them. It is an IBM/AO production gun. I know IBM only made about 350k carbines with about 50% of those receivers proofed AO. Fairly small number in the...
  2. roostercogburn98

    Found Delete Please

    I am looking for the version that takes AR style mags. I don’t care what color or if it has some minor blems, as long as it or functional. Let me know what you have. Thanks
  3. roostercogburn98

    WTS/WTT US Optics ST10

    Old version US Optics ST10 in OD green with matching Badger rings (low) comes with sunshade. Shows minor finish scuffs on the cerakote but functioned great the last time I used it. 850 to me PP F&F or you cover fees, USPS MO. Trade for Manners stock with M5 DBM inlet and fitting either a Rem 700...
  4. roostercogburn98

    Clean out Sale. Area 419,Badger, Seekins and more

    Cleaning out the gun room, most of this was laid out for a project build, but I’m not interested in building anytime soon. Pics to follow. -300 BO 10.5 inch barrel( Radical I believe), has been used but not much, pistol length gas, 50 shipped -18 inch 22 Nosler barrel(Stoner) used but in good...
  5. roostercogburn98

    Moved please delete

    Moved to different section
  6. roostercogburn98

    Pilot Mountain Arms

    Anyone ever heard/dealt with them. They are out of Raleigh, NC. Guys seemed ok and had some pretty rifles. Mostly trued up Rem700 actions on Manners Stocks. Used a variety of barrels like Proof Research, Brux, and Bartlein. Got sidetracked with them because they park in house and I got an old...
  7. roostercogburn98

    Brass or Trash

    Have a small batch of 6.5 creedmoor brass that I got to test loads and break the barrel in. It is 100 rounds of Federal brass. My question is should I try to anneal the necks and use it more or scrap it since I have 4 firings on it and some of the primer pockets are getting soft. I already have...
  8. roostercogburn98

    Please Delete

    New stuff added to last post. PP/F&F or 3% for fees, USPS Money Order as well.
  9. roostercogburn98

    22 Nosler Brass

    Looked but can’t find any real current thread on this. Has anyone tried the Dogtown 22 Nosler brass? I guess it is supposed to be made by Nosler and why not just get Nosler brass,but my first experience with Nosler is that it was so soft. Not a ton of options out there for reloading this and...
  10. roostercogburn98

    Rem 700 maxchamber pressure

    I recently got an email from a gentleman who says a certain round that was designed for a delayed blowback style gun would cause excess chamber pressure in a bolt action rifle. He said in the range of 127,000 PSI. This sounds a but silly to me but I’m no professional. IF those pressures were...
  11. roostercogburn98

    WTB Lee Enfield 45 ACP Magazine Adapter

    I know it’s a long shot but looking for an adapter to convert an Enfield to shoot 45acp. They used to make kits but no one currently sells one. Thanks
  12. roostercogburn98

    Advice for a buddy

    So let me start by saying I think the rifle should shoot ok barring any defects. My brothers friend bought a Mossberg Patriot in 6.5 creedmoor. It is completely stock and he just wants to shoot deer with it in Arkansas. I have not see the gun but will get my hands on it when I go home to visit...
  13. roostercogburn98

    New guy I guess

    Been a member and lurking around since 2009 but didn’t post anything until just a week or so ago. Figured I skipped this part 10 years ago better get it done.
  14. roostercogburn98

    WTB Rem 700 Chassis

    Looking for a used MDT LSS for right hand Rem700 SA. Don’t want the gen 2 or XL, just a regular LSS. Can be used and have some wear and tear as long as it holds a gun correctly. Color doesn’t matter either.