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    10/22 manners or bravo....any word

    Any word on release on these yet??
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    Kidd trigger

    Decided to go a different difection. Kidd 2 stage 8oz/8oz, red curved shoe, short and long mag release. Kidd buffer, kidd stainless trigger pins. I gave 336 shipped. I will take 290 for it. Like new. And befor anybody asks for looks just like a kidd trigger sitting in the...
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    Cz 457 precision chassis

    Anybody have the new cz 457 that's in a chassis??? If so how do you like it
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    Wtb trigger tech diamond flat

    Just like title says
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    Compass Lake experience

    Guys who has an upper from them or just a kit and how does it shoot? Thanks
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    WTB: T1x in a bravo

    As the title says, looking dor a t1x in a bravo, preferably gray
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    WTB: T1x in a bravo

    As the title says, looking dor a t1x in a bravo, preferably gray
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    Nikon x1000 MOA

    Like new. 375 shipped
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    WTB Riger precision Timney

    Looking for a ruger precision rimfire tomney 2 stage, straight shoe. Thanks
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    How do i see my feedback and how to leave for others. Like an act of congress on here
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    This is the varmint precision trainer and Bartlein area 419 barrel I have listed below. Varmint precision trainer Dip scope mount Area 419 Bartlein 18.5in. Spiral fluted. Groups are at 50yds. Only reason for selling is to upgrade equipment in my business. No marks on anything. Like new...
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    Area 419 bartlein sprial fluted barrel. Its gorgeous. And drives tacks. No scratches or marks. I have only put about 300 rounds through it. 18.5in long and threaded. 500 shipped
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    This is a manners stock off the area 419 cz457s. I called for the price and the stock alone is 750 shipped. With arca is 838 shipped. My stock has a cheek piece with spacers that matches the stock. And has arca rail with barricade stop. 725 shipped
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    Barlein cz 457 barrel

    22in kg gun coat black. Non threaded. I had this barrel hand fitted, but it is a drop in barrel. We turned the shoulder down until it was a little tight to close. I got it home it shot sk rifle match outstanding. Everything else was a scatter. So I had a lilja shim kit and started playing...
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    I have a 457 precision trainer that has the 24in barrel. It is like new. Will come with dip rail, 5rd mag. I have never shot the barrel. About 750 rounds maybe on the action 900 shipped PayPal F&F
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    New cz 457 Bartlein is here!!

    Super huge thansk to the guys at Craddock Precision. Can't say enought good at Paul and thr guys there. My 2nd barrel from them. Craftsmanship and customer service are out standing.
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    Best deal on Vortex Diamonback Tactical

    Who has the best deal on the 6x24x50 MOA version? B&H did now the sale is off. Thanks
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    WTB Vortex diamond back tactical

    6x24x50, ebr-2c moa reticle must be like new
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    Glock 43 Talo

    Like new, maybe a mag through it. No marks. +1 mag extensions, talon grip tape done perfectly well. Box and all accessories, ghost 43 dosconnector uninstalled in package. 500 shipped Possible trade to quality optic of equal value
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    Custom 10/22

    I have a custom 10/22 for sale. Mapgpul fde stock Kidd stainless bolt Kidd stainless charging handle Bx trigger group with kidd internals tuned to 1.5lbs Fedderson 16in fluted, threaded black barrel Black 10/22 reciever. Pics tomorrow Gin is in like new shape. Not a mark on it. Less than...