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  1. aljones_315

    Looking for info help establishing a value.

    what i know this is a german made Anschutz model Match 54 in 22long rifle its left hand bolt single feed and has what i think is a set trigger of some sort a leupold 36x scope with an ultra fine cross hair reticle what id like to know is an aproximate value i got this in a trade several...
  2. aljones_315

    Bergara bmp 6.5 CM

    my first prs nrl rifle up for sale 2400 rounds through her was still .63 moa when i stopped shooting her with 140 eldm hornady brass 210m &41.2g of h4350 2.82 coal that being said i have no idea how many more rounds she will hold up before needing a new bbl bolt has new extractor and new...
  3. aljones_315

    Lanxang tactical unimount???

    looking for feedback or a review on the lanxang tactical unimount anyone.....???
  4. aljones_315

    .300BLK bbls for sale

    ive got a new never fired 10.5" ballistic advantage .300blk bbl for sale .750 gas blk diameter WILL VERIFY after disasembly and threaded muzzle i built an ar pistol but never have shot it also have a 16" ballistic advantage .300blk bbl with less than 100 rounds on it also threaded muzzle...
  5. aljones_315

    found closed thx

    looking for a spuhr 5001 35mm ring diameter 30mm height 0 mil moa cant flat mount??? new or used let me know what ya got also consider a similar hawkins mount etc thanks
  6. aljones_315

    WTB 18" 223 wylde ar bbl or

    or complete parts kit nothing to crazy top shelfish just a good all around rifle everything on the web seems to be out of stock or a $350 bbl which blows the budget on this build post up what ya have please and thanks. not looking for a lower reciever at this time as thats the only...
  7. aljones_315

    SOLD 22_250 1× nickle brass SOLD

    have 83 ct 1x r&p head stamp and 42 1x win head stamp take the lot or split by head stamp best reasonable offer shipped takes them thanks
  8. aljones_315

    SOLD 270 win nickle brass SOLD

    169 ct 1x fired winchester nickle brass takin a stab here @ $55 shipped if thats way off let me know best reasonable offer thanks
  9. aljones_315


    have 100 ct 1x fired .300 wm brass ww super head stamp best reasonable offer shipped thanks would start at $40 shipped off the top of my head if thats way off let me know thanks
  10. aljones_315

    SOLD 54 ct 1x .300wsm cases F.C. SOLD

    all are F.C. head stamp and fired from same bolt gun ammo was 2x different factory loads and i have no clue where the missing 6 cases are. any way im thinking $25 shipped if thats way off let me know thanks p.s just found factory box of fc 150g had 15 live rounds in it i have no need so...
  11. aljones_315

    rem 700 .308 aac sd take off bbl

    580 rounds fired through this gun muzzle threaded 5/8×24 no longer have the muzzle device it came with. recoil lug included asking $95 shipped conus some trades considered lapua brass in 223 or 6mmbr also looking for a good ai pattern 6mmbr mag and a good metal ai pattern 233 mag prefer the...
  12. aljones_315

    SOLD 580 ct 1x fired F.C. .308 CASES SOLD

    i have 580 ct .308 brass 1x fired through a rem 700 aac sd mostly 168 gmm and 175 gmm with a few boxes of 150g blue boxed federal as a total package id like $145 shipped conus if i have to break it up smaller id say $30/ 100 shipped conus. all prices reflect paypal friends and fam or...
  13. aljones_315


    guess i managed to squeez it all into the title have cash also open to trade if your lookin for somethin specific im building a 22br so also looking for 6mm br brass lapua to turn into 22 br
  14. aljones_315

    SOLD virgin Norma .308 brass 100ct SOLD

    bought a fee years back to try and never got around to it stayed with federal brass and then stopped shooting my .308 $80 shipped obro
  15. aljones_315


    What i was told is this is a Bell & Carlson stock for a remy 700 sa rh cheek riser added and custom red white and blue paint job i bought this for a buddys rifle who ended up going the chassis route asking $235 shipped pp friends and family or postal mo can do credit cards for 3.6% stock...
  16. aljones_315

    SOLD brand new manners mcs_cs SOLD

    inletted for rem 700 sa and clones rh paid $969 for stock as speced. spec sheet in pics bottom metal inlet is m5 i have available a brand new never installed greyboe m5 bottom metal $156 by its self flush cups on bottom and left side as well as qd socket sling adaprers. stock is...
  17. aljones_315


    what are the chances an admin could mqke this a pinned post for future postings and post match lost and found scenarios???
  18. aljones_315


    Used but certainly not abused vortex razor hd 16 to 48 angled spotting scope have original box for packing and shipping also have padded zipper case for field use i also have a vortex ridgeline i believe ids called tripod will have to check the name and specs on the tripod tripod has bag...
  19. aljones_315

    Proof ss bbl blanks

    maybe a silly question but ill ask ot just the same i know proof is famous for their carbon fiber bbls. but i recently discovered that they offer a decent discount to mil le and veterans . woo hoo right... what id like to know is are their ss bbls and perticularly their ss blanks good to...
  20. aljones_315


    lookimg for feedback on mpas' brass catcher for bolr action rifles ? looks like a solid set up for prs nrl competitions has anyone used one had issues with one etc i really like the idea but would like some tried and true feed back before shelling out $150 on something that would be useless...