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    SOLD please Delete

    Trying to clean out the reloading room and came across two used muzzle brakes that I'd like to sell. 1. American Precision Arms Gen 2 Fat Bastard, overall good shape, has been cleaned regularly. Brake body is slightly different color than color from cleaner used in ultrasonic cleaner. .264...
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    Please Delete

    Please delete
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    WTS - Dillon 223 Steel Trim Die (20107)

    Have a slightly used Dillon 223 Steel trim die. Ended up selling my RT1200B and am using my giraud now. No longer need this die. Currently backordered on Dillon website. Asking $45 shipped.
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    SOLD Please Delete

    SOLD please Delete
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    SOLD please DELETE
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    Please DELETE

    As the title states, looking to see if anyone is getting rid of a giraud case holder and AMP pilot before I buy new. Thanks!
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    SOLD please Delete

    SOLD please delete
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    Please Delete
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    WTB - 6.5x47 Prefit barrel for Impact Action

    Looking for a new or slightly used 6.5x47 barrel for an impact action. Preferably 26"+, M24/MTU, but open to hear what you got. Have cash or 105/140 hybrids for partial trade. PM me if you got one.
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    Please Delete

    Please delete
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    Please delete

    Please delete
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    SOLD - American Rifle Company (ARC) M10 34mm Med Rings

    Selling a pair of 34mm ARC M10 medium scope rings (28mm - 1.10"). In great shape, just has a small corner that finish came off shown in pics. $140 shipped to continental US.
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    SOLD - Timney Calvin Elite LH Single Stage Trigger

    Have a great condition LH Timney Calvin Elite single stage trigger for sale. It has slight signs of wear shown in pics. Only reason for selling is because I switched to triggertech diamonds. Currently set for 10oz but is easily user adjustable between 8oz and 2lb. SOLD shipped to continental US.
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    ISO/WTB (2) Accurate 10 round 223 magazines

    Like the title says, looking for (2) Accurate 10 round 223 mags. Let me know what you got.
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    Please Delete

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    SOLD - LH Accurate Ordnance (Stiller) barreled action 308

    I have a left-handed Accurate Ordnance branded barreled action (made by Stiller) with the following specifications: - Stainless steel body, matte oxide finish - Spiral fluted 4140 one-piece bolt body assembly - 8-40 Screws and dual pins on the Picatinny base (20-MOA standard) - Modified M16...
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    I have 3 bags I'm trying to move. The GC and Fat Bag are like new, the Chinese cheater has some wear (shown in pics) AG Sticky Gamechanger OG - SOLD AG Fat Bag - SOLD AG Chinese cheater - SOLD ***All 3 bags SOLD***
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    Have a piece of a 500rd box I'm not using, 114 left. SOLD to continental US. Will ship in a smaller box. First public I'll take it has dibs.