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    Kamikoto Chef Knives

    Looking at buying some high quality knives and came across this place. Specifically looking at the Kuro Series. Does anyone have experience with Kamikoto? Also looking for any advice on other brands. I've always appreciated good knives and think it's time to get some for the...
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    Push Notifications?

    What are Push Notifications and why would I want/need to enable them?
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    WTB Marlin Camp 9 rifle stock

    Looking for an original wood stock for a Marlin Camp 9. Just bought one of these but it came in an after market plastic folding stock.
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    Knife Identification

    Does anyone know what kind of knife this is? It was my father's, he was in the army in the late 1950's. Trying to figure out if it's military or not. There are no markings on it.
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    In the car pistol carry options.

    How do you carry your ccw pistol while driving? I normally use a Mitch Rosen IWB holster to carry a Kahr P9. This carry option is a poor choice while sitting in the car. Or, in the car should the gun be unholstered and placed in the arm rest? Looking for advice, thank you.
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    Holster for KAHR PM 9

    Looking for suggestions on holsters for my Kahr PM 9. Behind the hip and small of the back. Right hand. Also suggestions for a good belt. This will be my primary carry piece. Willing to spend for high quality stuff. Thank you.
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    Need Help: Benelli Super 90 Forearm

    I just bought a 15 year old Benelli M1 Super 90 12 ga. Nice gun, used not abused. The gun came with an extra forearm that is equiped with a flashlight and pressure switch. The pressure switch is about 5" long and runs length wise down the right side of the piece. I think that the pressure...
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    Basic M-4 Carbine

    I'm looking into getting a no frills, basic iron sighted, M-4. I have limited experience with this type of gun, and I am on a tight budget. How much do I need to spend? What brands are good? Any and all comments are welcome, thank you.
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    S&W 669 9mm Pistol

    Recently bought one of these in excellent condition, with 3 mags. no box or papers. It's 25 years old and shows very little wear or use, $300. How did I do? The main reasons I bought it was that it's stainless and the price was right. I thought it might make an O.K. truck gun. Any thoughts...
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    Kel-Tec PF-9

    I'm looking at getting a small 9mm. Does anyone have any experience with these? I know that the early production ones had some issues, but I have been told that those issues have been addressed. Any other sugestions for a mouse gun 9mm. I like the Kahr PM9 but the Kel-tec is half the price.
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    Smith-Wesson Sigma SW380

    I recently came into one of these, caliber .380 auto. 6 shot. I got just the pistol and one magazine. So naturally I have some questions. Does anyone have a manual, and or a factory box, or a magazines for one of these? I checked the S&W website and could not find a manual for this specific...
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    Help I.D. some ammo.

    I came across some .380 acp ammo that has a headstamp I haven't seen before. It reads, E L D 380AUTO it has a jacketd hollow point, of about 90grs. And is of recent production. I have no other info. Does anybody know who makes this? Is it any good? Any recommendations for a good .380 ammo...
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    Smith & Wesson M&P 9mm.

    I'm thinking about buying the full size 9mm. I already have an M&P .40 compact and like it a great deal. Looking for comments from anyone who already has one, or has info. they wish to share. Thank you.