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  1. Ironcreek

    Threaded barrel adaptor

    I've been using an Obsidian 45 on both a 45 and 9mm and looking to make it easier thought about a threaded adaptor that would live on the 9mm allowing me to do a quick swap between the 45 and 9 without having to first change the end cap. Did some research and found there's a couple of adaptors...
  2. Ironcreek

    100 posts

    I get this really neat message that I can now post things for sale because I've reached 100 posts. Yippee! Too bad I don't have anything I want to sell! :D
  3. Ironcreek

    Getting back into reloading

    I'm getting back into reloading after being away for about 10-years. I plan on starting slow with one caliber. I've got a bolt-action and single shot with the same caliber. My first thought was to separate the brass and load to the rifle. Should I do that or could I just lump them all together.
  4. Ironcreek

    Rugged Suppressor Great Customer Servie

    Want to share great response from the folks at Rugged Suppressors. I’ve had a Obsidian 45 that I mounted on a new CZ Scorpion micro yesterday. Somehow I got the front module tight to the point it wasn’t coming off no matter what I tried. I gave up and emailed them this morning and received a...